Why Is The Government Covering Up UFO Sightings? pt.1

August 24, 2011 CNN MOXNews.com


  1. Petey0707 says:

    @sherriffnoldie Was that sarcasm? xD

  2. Petey0707 says:

    @thedarion79 Funny, because any alien encounter that was described as human-like in origin they were almost always white with platinum blonde hair, blue eyes. Of course, not saying I believe it, it’s all pretty much crazy nonsense.

  3. METALMAN4Wii says:

    @bikines Yes that’s my user name…!

  4. bikines says:

    @AtheosRecords !

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  19. gamerrights says:

    check out my video on comet elenin it will blow your mind

  20. 210482fmj says:

    the government covered up that ufo craft that destroyed an oil rig as ufos are very concerned about the damage crude oil drilling does to lifeforms that live in the ocean and ufo are actually advanced lifeforms that are related to lobsters. I have seen them and they look like giant lobsters and they have the surface textures of lobster/crayfish edible crab. MOst people don’t realize that ufo forms are actually an encounter of a new lifeform. they are organic machine like lifeforms

  21. thewiccanboy says:

    @metalman4wii. Oohh I know that. I personally work on my kundaluni to spiritually save myself. That’s spiritually, and mentally I like to believe that I am prepared for anything. And if jahovah did desire to come down I would be screwed because I’m not on his side. Hahaha. Evil.laugh.

  22. METALMAN4Wii says:

    @thewiccanboy Sorry Jesus isn’t going to come down and save us by beating the Evil Aliens or Demons in a Card Game were on our own…!

  23. METALMAN4Wii says:

    Big place the universal could be infinite people do you now how small our planet is compared to the universe. ? our planet is like a grain of sand and the universe is the saharah desert times 999 trillion. that’s how big wrap your brain on that one….!

  24. thewiccanboy says:

    I say let happen what ever happen. I am mentally and spiritualy prepared for a lot, and whatever happens is just gonna happen anyway. But it does not hurt to be prepared. Look to the sky because even if its not UFO or alien, something big is at our doorsteps.

  25. JamesCamaro1 says:

    BTW, we need non believers because these are the people that will create a buffer for those of us that always knew it and give us time to get a safe distance or a game plan to defend ourselves. So we need nay sayers for bait. So welcome them and help them keep their closed minds and stupidity because we need them , we really do.

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