Weird Report on the China Airport UFO – August 17, 2011

What is that picture supposed to represent, with the arrows and the orbs and airplanes? I’m sure we’ll never get a translation but its worth a try -_- —- “Planes were dramatically diverted away from a major Chinese airport after reports of a UFO circling a runway, the Shanghai Daily reported Thursday. The mysterious object was spotted Wednesday afternoon floating high above Jiangbei International Airport in the city of Chongqing, an important aviation hub for southwestern China. Worried officials diverted several flights to other airports before it disappeared about 50 minutes later and air traffic was allowed to return to normal. The Chongqing government has not offered any explanation for the UFO, Shanghai Daily said. However, skeptical airport workers believe it was a sky lantern or a large balloon, the newspaper said. Wednesday’s scare mirrors an incident in July last year when Xiaoshan airport in the eastern city of Hangzhou was closed after baffled air traffic controllers spotted a UFO on their radar screens. The object vanished but footage of a strange glowing orb streaking across the night sky was posted on YouTube, sparking global interest in the supposed close encounter.” video:


  1. ahhhhwhoreallycares says:

    BBC reporting today. A UFO appeared over the Beijing International Airport today delaying all incoming and outgoing flights. However the UFO has left due to the fact the Chinese had sent fighter jets and promptly shot it down after declaring the UFO violated Chinese airspace. The time is 9:40.

  2. cloud0123 says:

    @RhinocerosCakes The chinese are tired of western oligarchs threatening them, and the others with this kind of technology (like haarp). We have buried ourselves into a sort of ditch because they are beginnin to catch up to us. We can’t bully that many people with HAARP, and they are also fully ware of the biological warefare we’ve been doing to them They are also aware of the mind control they’ve been doing.

  3. salvatoriification says:

    xin xon xin xin xion xuon xin xin…….

  4. rubbishproductionINC says:

    Better check this video before you think you know something about ufo ! Links: watch?v=R9veMGPsfiQ and second link:watch?v=OmQyJLUhDZc&feature=related ,
    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” – this said our Saviour Jesus christ in hebrew: Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Matthew 7:15, King James Bible

  5. MsNamasteLight says:

    ~ Not sure how many will understand, but shared ~ Thank Y()U ~

  6. Toshon1990 says:

    fucking crap ..didn’t understand a fuck :s

  7. Davnruss1971 says:

    She is cute

  8. dkjal3 says:

    fucking bullshit…..if you knew chinese you would understand it..

  9. Mayazdad says:

    If the news agencies are acknowledging multiple unidentified craft hovering in their country’s airspace, why aren’t military jets being scrambled?

  10. doodoojerky says:

    All of UFOs this month…There was an UFO near the Space Station on 8/22/2011.
    And it was on the NASA Channel too. D=

  11. rapoon1 says:

    Китайская лапша для долбоёбов….

  12. capricorn0331 says:

    The news lady said that two elderly men were abducted and probed causing their eyes to become rounded.

  13. NETWT28OZ says:

    The report has to be erroneous because the information was not conveyed in the American language.

  14. icedline82 says:

    Translation!!! it’s saying that, all the plane are headed to the red dot in the center *chong qing” airport, then 2 UFO showed up at that airport, so air traffic control had to reroute all of the planes to close by airports, which is where the red arrow is pointing!

  15. UofTer says:

    ahh.. too lazy to translate..

  16. bytez says:

    those chinese characters are representing each state in china and the fleet routes, nothing more.

  17. candymagic68 says:

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  18. franbolize says:

    It’s clear the entity was agitated, traveling home 20 or so light yrs only to find out the Chinese food take out order was fucked up next time check order at the counter LOL!!!

  19. TheStonercrew says:

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  20. FalconPunch1978 says:

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  23. nuFsIgnillorT says:

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  24. scorp00n says:

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  25. TheBlueBanane says:

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