Very Large Astounding Crop Circle 29th July 2011 at West Woodhay Down, Wiltshire, UK !!!

2nd Video for countries blocked by soundtrack in 1st video. West Woodhay Down, nr Inkpen, Wiltshire UK reported 29th July 2011. This formation was soon discovered by the farmer who decided to cut it out. That would be some 2 tons of immature wheat gone to waste, let alone the experience people would have had and the donations he would be able to retrieve from such an event. Very sad. Luckily some photos were taken of this absolutely amazing Crop Circle. Enjoy it.


  1. CREEGENERAL1 says:

    Fake I Sher alians came here jus to that

  2. rettihc says:

    Elenin’s path.

  3. philpyao says:

    |=Dreams S=Reality cP

  4. philpyao says:


  5. SuperCassidy77 says:

    very symbolic. i read a message in this diagram crop circle formation that our planet is going thru a “gate” starting in 2011 and that it will take around 28 years to pass thru this gate. some sort of energy field produced by a balanced positive negative pole structure in the cosmos..kind of beyond our control or anyones except the universe itself..the conduit is closing as they say….in another diagram

  6. UpskirtPower says:

    i heard this instrument from somewhere…. movie or something dont remmeber. who got any ideA?

  7. mydee1 says:

    @JinKikzDerKei Thank you very much!!! <3

  8. JinKikzDerKei says:

    @mydee1 The song is “Hear Our Prayer” from the anime “Tsubasa Chronicles”
    soundtrack = Tsubasa Chronicle Original Soundtrack – Futurescape I”
    I Believe it’s track 12 of 20

  9. John15ism says:

    i wanna meet the artist that made that

  10. mydee1 says:

    OK, does anyone know what this song is? It’s amazing…

  11. nicolehough says:

    The trident at the end… Isnt that the sign of neptune? and is neptune going to be in a similar alignment next?

  12. bushiman32 says:


  13. seeker21truth says:

    the snake represents dna. this is showing two chromosomes fused. just my first thought. another thought was snake ate 2 eggs, had big poop. apparently my daughter found it valid.

  14. jeigo says:

    I would also like to know where to find this musical track too, thanks 😀

  15. soultantra says:

    Hi Thanks for this…….
    I really love the track…….Can you please tell me exactly how to find this lovely music

  16. maria610421 says:

    @kansasisaband: Notice the shape of the snake, and its head. Did you count the disc shapes, I counted 29, if there is no more. 2+9 =11 and 2X9= 18 ands 18 +11=29. I know 21st 12th is the winter Soltice, Its connected to farming and the sun worship Pagan religion. Its interesting though.

  17. matthewgroen says:

    @artslick “They” know that, peace

  18. artslick says:

    Viewing this crop circle invoked an emotional response from me. It is amazing.

  19. carlosap78 says:


  20. Nomercygangster says:

    its comet elenins 90 degree alignment with earth, and the earth/venus straight alignment on 16th august this year

  21. hypedsparkle says:

    well the crop was already destroyed ofcourse .. but why destroying 1.4 hect.of crop arround it? so people cant see it ? i dont get that.. must be a reason.. why did he went crazy..

  22. hypedsparkle says:

    that farmer guy went out of his mind.. who wants to destroy 2 tons of ungrown crop??? and why didnt he aloud people to watch it? there’s more going on inside the head of the farmer

  23. BrodyLuv2 says:


    Heh Hmm..Two wrongs dont’ make a Im’ sure you have heard..

    This is a Blatant disregard for Food Stocks and Farmers Income regardless of the Arguments they can be made up by ‘Paying Visitors’..
    Like I said..if you got a Message Paint a Picture or make a Video..Paint a Road or Wall anything but Food Resources.

    Dont’ make me Cry,

  24. klebbs1988 says:

    @BrodyLuv2 waste of food ? you know that 30% of the food production daily is thrown away just because the shop owners think ”if i can;’t sell it nobody can have it”

    do some research before you post such idiotic comments. a waste of food.. don’t make me laugh, Idiots

  25. MsLeo229 says:

    @marial442 Y yo creo es el movimiento de polos terrestres que sufrira el planeta al pasar un gran cuerpo estelar muy cerca de nuestro sistema , al rodearlo se moverá , es curioso ver 11 esferas de lo q sería la cabeza al medio, y ver de donde sale es como un gran huevo o el espacio profundo .

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