UFOs Top 10 Best UFO sightings 2011

UFOs Top 10 Best UFO sightings 2011 on location in the State of Hawaii
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  1. dontuselatex says:

    thats not fake you know….


    @senomzafira you believe this video is real???

  3. senomzafira says:

    @THERAMBLNMAN and why’s that??


    @senomzafira your are RETARDED….plain and simple:)

  5. iblackbeard says:

    Oh OK, so you JUST HAPPENED to be filming in ALL these different locations and catch this on camera? Fake Fake Fake!!

  6. spungie85 says:

    @TheSoccergod21 Best comment I think iv seen. Well done. Lol.

  7. 9162vb48 says:


  8. Ishan716 says:

    lollll… bro do aliens like Hawaii & they come there every tym 4 a vacation…????

  9. eneide82 says:

    i paesaggi sono molto belli… i paesaggi

  10. senomzafira says:

    ingorant non-beleivers !

  11. satansickfuck says:

    F A K E

  12. SuperSkultula says:

    I find it wierd that this seems to be captured in the middle of a town, and happen to catch this at exactly right spot at exactly right time. this is so FAKE!!!

  13. rcdelatorre98 says:


  14. Missmodernist says:

    S.T.U.P.I.D. That spells stupid.

  15. fandra says:

    this video is really…TERRIBLE!!!

  16. thegreatauk01 says:

    How is shining a light on video a UFO? What crap! The camera with the spike UFO seemed to know where it was going to go and how fast before it did. A little speeded up video makes this balloon look fast. Again crap!

  17. issette34 says:

    how is it fake lights dont move like that and lights dont shine like that and the spike i think is fake because that think looked so FAKE but that bubble was SUPER COOL!!!

  18. AwakeningZeroPoint says:

    Good job with this disinformation….. Every picture is a still with objects moving…. Brilliant

  19. D1DONLYDDON says:


  20. MrAsassin53 says:

    There is no ufo. Only three lights created at home by some low creator. FAKE

  21. dtorres21013 says:


  22. BennySmacks says:

    Until it happens to me im still a skeptic

  23. joeysylvester says:

    So fucking korny!!!

  24. chbtrucker says:

    Why are they wispering??

  25. Chaoscomando32 says:

    someone has talent, but you shouldnt mislead people about a very important phenomonon, its just wrong

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