UFOs making crop circles

Please someone tell me this isn’t real! Some say it was shot in 1989, some say 1996. Video was shot by John Wabe. forsajt says, check out ‘Is It Real Crop Circles Part 5’. 100 000 = 14 dec 2007 200 000 = 12 April 2008 1 meeelion! April 2011 Please someone tell me this isn’t real!


  1. nuke97 says:

    This clip was also aired on a program way back in the 90’s. The program covered this and explained how it was done ….basically the objects whizzing around were super imposed and the crop circle was achieved through a time lapse. Put the two together and you get a real impressive visual such as the one presented. the program that i saw this on also covered the huge alien autopsy hoax that was famous at the time.

  2. Patapocalypse says:

    Sup with the random screaming, dawg?

  3. tenzenator says:


  4. Tommyr says:

    CGI much? Lame.

  5. satanisthetruegod666 says:

    @LeoNs1987 Which five dimensions? I know of the three we possess, and there are many more, so which five is it? Also, if they cannot land then how do they collect species to do research? and i would like to know how you know it is 5 dimensions and not 11 and how you know they collect them for research, and not for reproduction attempts?

    please think before you type, I know we’re looking for intelligence on other planets but people like you make it seem like there’s none on this one.

  6. LeoNs1987 says:

    This is real, of extraterrestrial spaceships are 5 dimension that can not land here on earth, give emanate this energy flow that makes these drawings and they also capture some species of life to do research.

  7. nimblenimrod69 says:

    @Animikiiasin they dont mean shit its like me tagging up your garage its just alien graffiti

  8. tubething1980 says:

    @czomislaw Thanks, well spotted! I didn’t know that.

  9. tubething1980 says:

    @modernolima Its because They don’t want you to know!

  10. czomislaw says:

    This is music of Wladyslaw Komendarek from Poland end Kupcy Czasu from his discografy 😉

  11. modernolima says:

    wy this video has only 1 million views ishould have more than that this looks very real…..

  12. Meestarcheez says:


  13. Animikiiasin says:

    I’ve never exactly had a doubt that crop circles were not man made a long time ago. Most are man made now I believe however. My question is, after extraordinary event occurred, did anyone bother to see this particular crop circle from a birds eye view and make an attempt to understand what it may mean?

  14. Igotstehspoon says:

    @skinup1231 Where did you get that? any google search on his name will tell you he was co-partner at First Cut, using the name John Whaley, which provides post video effects and animations, and there was an interview in which he confessed that he made it

  15. zardozmania says:

    no people, this is how crop circles are indeed made….stop trying to explain it away……

  16. epsilon892 says:


    Like I said, look it up. It’s all over Google.

  17. skinup1231 says:

    @epsilon892 John Wabe was/is a farmer. What are you talking about?

  18. epsilon892 says:

    This was made by John Wabe, a partner in a small video production company called First Cut Studio. Look it up.

  19. VertSk8er12 says:

    @brandon777ize that was a really inquired statement you got there skippy. to bad anyone with a 3rd grade education would know the same thing.

  20. grauschwan says:

    ufoni nemají nic jinýho na práci, než nám čmárat do pole…..

  21. Deekzlol says:

    @brandon777ize That’s some great information you got there, mind if I see the proof? OHWAIT.

  22. NotStoopid0228 says:

    It looks fake, but then again, Hollywood has so much fake stuff that we can’t tell the difference. Who’s to say that it doesn’t work both ways?

  23. SuperWatch8 says:

    This is Hoax.

  24. IAA015 says:

    @ImJustFelix Because this is not the first time this happens in wiltshire, according to the long version its been happening some days before this event and he decided to try catch whatever it was on film. But.. Its been happening for years and years in this place. There are more videos about these strange lights in wiltshire and some more from UK. I find this very interesting.

  25. AngryYoudoodlerNo69 says:

    man, i have quit smoke this $hit “.”

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