UFOs caught making crop circle for the 1st time?

According to Gary King, He had a vision in a dream, to be at a certain place to witness a real ufo crop formation, which he has captured on camerea. Real or not it is a very impressive crop circle that would have taken hours to complete. Question is, Is it Alien or manmade? Carlos Clemente presents information on the experience of Gary King and his experience to witness the appearance of a Crop Circle in England


  1. californyaeh says:

    The complexity , details and size are by themselves high feats to realuze and that even if these were to be made openly by man it would take weeks, to a poor final results compared to some CC comprising 200/300 circles made during 1 night in less than 1 hour..

  2. californyaeh says:

    And their observations of the CC phenomemon clearly shows that it requires high amounts of energy to make, that crops are not bend or crushed but modified within their structure, that unknown particules are detected under Hi-Res microscop and finally..

  3. californyaeh says:

    Except that their CC looked like crap circles !!
    Yes some CC near 200sq metres large in 3D , nothing two guys can make in a night ! Or even a twenty ppl crew couldn’t do it !
    Americans are known for the seriousness they put in what they do …

  4. californyaeh says:

    Well i see we have few Mr(s) knowitall in here, i just want to say that brits are reputed for piss taking about everything; faking ufo sightings and crop circles formations , these two retired guys were making CC with wooden planks..

  5. TO0onyX says:

    I had finally found HD videos evidence!

  6. youfixit77 says:

    Lmao they drew a pair of hooters with a nipple ring. Horny aliens!

  7. realvworld2 says:

    @SmokeDef007 Im with you there smoke! And appreciate it I do, Iv been called all sorts here :)

  8. realvworld2 says:

    @ufoguy1962 It sadly isnt hard too hard to believe these days. I took a couple of years away from ufology (hence the lack of knowledge :) ) To be honest iv been shocked at how many fakes there is now. Its a lot of wading through! Crop circles we seam to only really have their word for it and a word is hard to find these days in Ufology, It discredits the real ones that are all to easy to debunk. I personally believe real ufos vids are fairly rare but they are out there… somewhere 😀

  9. somesortanaughty says:

    oh here we go again, everyone is right as usual..

  10. ufoguy1962 says:

    @spookykoeln Heh, don’t feel sorry, everything is fine. I encourage deeper research by individuals and you’ll quickly identify the “players” in the crop circle business, and it is a business. The people who make the circles are the ones taking a stand against greedy researchers, and it is working. Gary King would book crop circle tours one year in advance!! $3.500 per person. The top artists said they would take 2011 off and were effective in stopping Gary and his dishonest greed. Eyes are open.

  11. spookykoeln says:

    Sorry but I don´t disagrre with you all, that most circles are man made. Never ever. To many things are odd. And what is the problem to make money with them? We all have to earn money. The crop circle phenomena is the best proof for mysteries we can´t explain yet. Look how long they exist. Not only since the 80´s, but long before. We have to open your eyes. Not everything can be explained naturally or by hoaxers. I am really sorry for you.

  12. ufoguy1962 says:

    @SmokeDef007 I was still a believer in ’07. I felt this one was proof it couldn’t be humans because of the way the timeline was presented combined with the night-vision sweeps of the field. It turns out I was scammed and it saddened me deeply. Andrew Pyrka was a new researcher to the scene in ’07, he was also amazed with this formation. The people who made this one eventually took him aside and showed him the proof. His disappointment was very evident in a later interview I saw with him featured

  13. ufoguy1962 says:

    @realvworld2 Gary joins a long list of people making money from the circles. He runs a website and he charges for lectures and tours. It turns out, these are the real hoaxers. It’s because of people like Gary that the top circle making teams took this year off, hence the very poor circle season. I’ve been involved for 21 years, I was a believer for 18. The “researchers” are the true con-artists. Hard to believe for many, but it’s true. Every formation is man-made and the “researchers” know it.

  14. innerworldz says:

    this was a scam…

  15. SmokeDef007 says:

    @ufoguy1962 good job clarifying it was a fake. Usually people would bash the poor soul who uploaded the video but you presented yourself very kindly.

  16. realvworld2 says:

    @ufoguy1962 Ahh its insane what people do for fame, And it is a very impressive crop circle! I believe most crop circles are man-made, so it wouldnt surprise me either way. Sure would have cool if it was true :)

  17. ufoguy1962 says:

    Gary King is a liar enjoying his 15 minutes which expired long ago. The film, shot by Wyn Keech, had the contrast adjusted and you could clearly see the team making this formation, the 07/07/07 formation. It has been proven, and acknowledged by researchers such as Andrew Pyrka that this formation was man-made. Pretty impressive wouldn’t you say? Once again … the 90 minute window where this formation appeared is a lie, it definitely took the team longer to do it. Gary King is a liar.

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