UFOs Best Evidence Government Cover-up.

Emmy winning journalist examines how governments have hidden the truth about UFOs, astronaut encounters and military battles with alien craft.


  1. jayvadher says:

    I am scared of being probed, i am to young (way too young)

    thumbs up if you dont want to be probed

  2. jayvadher says:

    I am scared of being probed, i am to young (way too young)

    thumbs up if you dont want to be probed

  3. jayvadher says:

    I am scared of being probed, i am to young (way too young)

    thumbs up if you dont want to be probed

  4. tret217 says:

    what makes me laugh is that the democracy we once were is now a republic

  5. usarmycaptainamerica says:

    @madpuppy54 You are a dumb ass…..

  6. 2009wildmonkey1 says:

    we need to pass laws that it is treasonous for government officials to keep something of this magnitude from the public. I believe that we need to convey to officials that keeping something like this from the people for this long is treasonous and will affect there legacy and they will go down in history as the lowest people on Earth. They should be tried and executed in public as the worst traitors on Earth .

  7. happinin says:

    0:02:49 looks like a sunhat being frisbee’d up into the air and snapshotted

  8. Michaeldevel says:

    What does happen when you see a UFO, (my old friend photograpped one) and shoot on it?
    Will it shoot back?

  9. mick4294 says:

    @madpuppy54 true that…. They arent that dumb. The sheeple are dumb for believing that they are that dumb. Dont for once think that we live in a democratic society. We dont. I mean, what perfect way was 9/11 to put fear into the people so they would voluntarilly give away their rights in the name of the war on terror.

  10. jimbo1825 says:

    @madpuppy54 why does everything on youtube link back to 9/11 some how.

  11. jakobtuehansen says:

    still this loooong evidence can be debatet… propperly why it´s dtil on yt… no hard cord core evidence…

  12. AronHallan says:

    @madpuppy54 watch this watch?v=J37jQLIPuqY theres some strong evidence is up to you to interpret your way., they recieved the warnings, Norad failed 4 times that day, cheney told Norad to stand down, marvin bush was the head of the security of the buildings, explosions in the basement, pools of molten steel in the base of the structure, residues of terminte theres strong evidence for controlled demolition… 3 buildings colapsed 2 by planes and what about the other? check the link!

  13. MagicAssProductions says:

    what i’d like to know is how this video is over 1 HOUR

  14. OpenEye73 says:

    Disembodied spirits of the Nephilim

  15. IXVelazquez says:

    Kenny Rogers @ 0:01:53

  16. ryanspera00 says:

    @madpuppy54 it was def the goverment who set up or agreed to 9/11

  17. DancingSpiderman says:

    I for one am GLAD there are ads every 5 mintues or so… This UFO vid is causing me much fear, which is really making me want to purchase and consume everything that is being advertised. If you are not experiencing the same thoughts and feelings, you are (ahem) Un-American !!!

    BWAAAhahaha Late April Fools !!

  18. gigdrax says:

    @cartesiaLive go watch tv o wait its the same and those ads are longer


    @micnaelidesca if our technology doubles every 8 to 10 months then think of how fast theirs might advance. You don’t just get to a point and stop learning, it’s evolution. We keep learning and advancing and so do they. We study things on our planet, maybe they study things on other planets, like us.

  20. Karmahinc says:

    @madpuppy54 ding ding ding ding!!!! yes, the GOV did it man!!!

  21. eternall808 says:

    Very nice thanks for the upload….

  22. br33zyb33zy says:

    7:48 – 7:52


  23. cartesiaLive says:

    ads every 10 minutes? no thanks..

  24. JVC7400 says:

    The picture at 31:55 was not real, the photographer admitted that he saw the lamps from the room reflecting in the window and thought it looked like these “saucers”… he took the photo get “15 min of fame”…

    – very interesting 1 hour video i must say BTW.

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