UFOs and MJ-12 – Stanton Friedman LIVE

Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman is considered one of the worlds leading experts on MJ-12, the code given to an elite group of scientists and military personal set into action by secret presidential order to over see the harvesting and reverse engineering of technology from crashed UFOs of ET origin. After years of painstaking research, this LIVE presentation provides the facts about this secret research group that operates without congressional oversight. UFO Secret: MJ-12 – Do You Believe In Majic – NOW ON DVD IN A 2-DVD – SPECIAL EDITION – Loaded with Bonus Features – Cat# U655 – Go to www.UFOTV.com


  1. uranzoo says:

    @Ikar49 Yes,that is my experience too and along the way I found out- that is exactley the way how truth tends to “operate”-same thing also aplies to inner spiritual discoveries.-Not all the truth can be proven or rationaly explained for various reasons-however that does not take away single bit of truthfullnes out of the particular truth or reality.-Fantasy is very often much closer to the truth than most eloquent seamingley sound theories and generaly embraced ” proven truths”.

  2. UFOTVstudios says:

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  3. OnenessNow says:

    Also investigate the Disclosure Project with Dr. Steven M. Greer.

  4. TMacedon says:

    @jfmayer : go to “blackvault” this should assist u on evaluation of the UFO presence.

  5. antonycum says:


  6. antonycum says:

    Because, Mr. Friedman is one of the best Ufologists in the world bar none. that’s why

  7. jfmayer says:

    next slide please !… love this man…tells it like it is… much respect for his work

  8. FireDancer712 says:


  9. randallschecter says:

    youtube search

    the deception project

  10. Ikar49 says:

    I have been reading about ET life and things.Mathematically speaking, it is impossible not to have ET life somewhere in the universe. However, I get spooky feeling as i go throught he stuff. The more I know ( or so I think I do) , the less I can prove”….. Is there somebody agreeing with me?

  11. iiJoshbromley says:

    @turtlebum0 well look 221 likes 22,801 views hmmm

  12. itsabomberscope says:

    @b1rdkeeper Pilots are not the type of people who just go along with things. It takes a huge amount of courage to come out in public and talk about a ufo sighting. On a legal basis they have to file a report, of any unusual air traffic near them. When you have visual, ground & air radar confirmation of an object, you have a serious problem. Greer used to be ok, but fames gone to his head. The disclousre project was good to begin with.

  13. itsabomberscope says:

    @b1rdkeeper You should base any speculation on evidence. Hopefully direct evidence. If not you will have to infer from indirect evidence. Such is the case with ufos. We have indirect evidence which follows a pattern (Radar, ground trace, electromagnetic effects, physilogical effects). That evidence could be consistent which visits from advanced beings.

  14. b1rdkeeper says:

    @itsabomberscope, fair enough, but what about the people who explain said pilot’s experience?

    The pilot doesn’t want to be told what and how to think so he/she just goes along with their story until someone like Greer picks it up and “martyrs” him as a credible eye-witness.

    Where’s the science in that? That’s just hubris and ignorance.

  15. b1rdkeeper says:

    @itsabomberscope, no he isn’t. He does have an extremely open mind though. 😛

  16. b1rdkeeper says:

    @itsabomberscope, should I take Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster seriously as well?

  17. itsabomberscope says:

    @b1rdkeeper There are no real answers. Just answers. There has always been debate inside the ufo community about many topics. Stantons MJ12, and Kevin Randle is an ongoing debate. I seriously think you should clear your mind of religion. You seem to be approaching the world through that meme. Any thing which doesnt fit, you just say “Ah thats like religion”, and you dont have to think any deeper about it.

  18. itsabomberscope says:

    @b1rdkeeper LOL, im an atheist to. And im amazed by the amount of bias in your arguments. It seems that you are not truly thinking for yourself, rather you are thinking by proxy. Im in good company on UFOs, Michio Kaku recently endorsed leslie keans ufo book. Dont think Michio is a woo, do you?

  19. itsabomberscope says:

    @b1rdkeeper Science is observation. You cant reject someones observation strictly on the criteria that they are not a scientist. Especially when a pilots observation is backed by multiple radar scans. Science also means rejecting dogmatic thought patterns that prevent progress. You cant just ignore evidence because it doesnt fit.

  20. b1rdkeeper says:

    @itsabomberscope, but that’s just it. UFOlogists (like clergymen) claim they have the answers. They “know” this is all real.

    Science asks questions and finds the real answers. Usually these answers are in tiny increments and don’t offer any of the “wow” factor that psuedo science does. That’s usually the case with the truth. It isn’t that extravagant. Yet.

  21. b1rdkeeper says:

    @itsabomberscope, I’m not obsessed with god at all. I’m an atheist, which is why I don’t buy into any of the UFO woo. It works on the same level as religion does. Zero facts, empty promises, extravagant claims and not a shred of real evidence.

  22. b1rdkeeper says:

    @itsabomberscope, the greatest scientific minds of this century say they’re on the verge of finding planets that may be able to harbor liquid water, an atmosphere and possibly life. These are people that have the credentials and the evidence.

    An air force pilot does not have the credibility or tools to claim that aliens have visited us, talk to us, live among us, etc.

    Science is the answer.

  23. itsabomberscope says:

    @b1rdkeeper On the topic of planets, extend your thinking a little more. There are many much older stars than our sun, that could support planets near them. Some stars are a billion years older than ours. Thats plenty of time for advanced life to develop. Do you really think humans are the only ones who look to the sky and say “I wonder whats out there”. One day it will be us, going to other worlds. We will be the ufos!

  24. itsabomberscope says:

    @b1rdkeeper I cant understand your obsession with god. There have been many physical effects associated with ufo reports. Thats evidence of something (whether or not its ET, is another matter). UFOs represent a real physical phenomena. The origin of them is another matter. Its simply not true, that just “believers” and “nuts” observe them. Many pilots have visually seen them, while observing them at the same time on radar. The RB-47 is a case in point.

  25. b1rdkeeper says:

    @itsabomberscope, so you’re basically saying that since you can’t prove that God doesn’t exist — that means he could exist.

    What I’m saying is that we human beings are an arrogant, ignorant, planet-centric and human-centric bunch. I believe there is life out there, and if you want REAL EVIDENCE, follow the scientific community instead of the pseudo-scientific community.

    We’re on the brink of finding planets that could harbor the building blocks of life. That’s a start.

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