UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 Part 1/7

www.EsotericCosmos.com UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 On August 13th, 2009 I caught on video camera over 30 minutes of UFO activity right outside my home in Kissimmee, FL. UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 This may very well be come of the best UFO footage ever recorded. We want answers and I want to get to the bottom of this. I would love to hear comments from everyone . UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 Recent UFO Blogs that picked up this story theheavystuff.com ufoenthusiast.org ufoenthusiast.org UFO Videos, UFO, Videos, UFOs, latest, UFO sighting, august 2009, august, 2009, UFO’s www.EsotericCosmos.com
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  1. BramSchavemaker says:

    if you stop- the video at exactly 5:30 you can see that it aint 1 orb, its like 4 of them grouped together, or its an aircraft wich has multiple lights on it?

  2. BramSchavemaker says:

    if you stop- the video at exactly 5:30 you can see that it aint 1 orb, its like 4 of them grouped together, or its an aircraft wich has multiple lights on it?

  3. esotericcosmos says:

    @Joanna12364 hey Joanna, thats excellent news, glad to hear

    love & light

  4. Joanna12364 says:

    Love your video…recently I saw 10 ufos….changed my life!!!!

  5. esotericcosmos says:

    @3dgun yes they were, thanks for checking out the footage my friend

    much love & light!

  6. 3dgun says:

    nice catch! must have been awesome to see in person.

  7. iMSoHigh420ritenow says:

    you two should make A porno

  8. dharmathai says:

    the bottom of the orb is triangular.
    Aurora makes a white globe of light around it, and is triangular. Could it be aurora?
    Having said this the orbs i have seen and fotographed myself also have this mottled effect as seen in the closeups, and those orbs werent this size they were all sizes from a few centimeters up to one or two meters wide.

  9. esotericcosmos says:

    @JimmyCrikket okay captain, thanks for commenting


  10. JimmyCrikket says:

    I can’t say what the lights are.
    Much more info would be needed, such as air-traffic details, date and time (precise) etc…

    But DON’T GET CARRIED AWAY with this idea of ENERGY ORBS

    They are NOT ‘orbs’, simply optical effects.
    Calling them orbs simply makes you look foolish, and de-values anything else you say on the subject.

  11. JimmyCrikket says:

    The ‘orbs’ are just Airey patterns caused by high magnification optice being slightly out of focus.

    Do some research on optics, or ask any SERIOUS telescope user. Telescope users make these patterns ON PURPOSE in order to align their optics.

    At 3 mins there is NO alien face
    You have two airey patterns overlapping, and the two centre dots give the illusion of eyes.

    You want it so much, you see it when it aint there.

  12. esotericcosmos says:

    nice thank you very much for the advice and your input. I now have some green laser pointers so im prepared :)



  13. matthewsolis247 says:

    I can appreciate what you are doing here, but you need to get your camera under control. Also if you are sure it is extra terrestrial you can do a simple test. use a laser pointer or a 2million candle power spot light. If it is an airplane then you will see authorities start popping up all over the area. No joke, try it.

  14. esotericcosmos says:

    thanks for the comment, Rosebud is actually my Aunt.

    love peace & light


  15. Rx7even says:

    the relationship between you and your moms is unexplainable and supernatural… You guys seem close…

  16. esotericcosmos says:

    nice term, never heard that one before, thanks for commenting


  17. Dejavu12321 says:

    It looks like your typical aliemonic activity.

  18. esotericcosmos says:

    wow increidble, thanks for sharing that stone with us


  19. esotericcosmos says:

    thanks for your honest opinion. I like my avatar hence why I use it. If it offends you then I apoligize, its not meant to be insulting, sorry you perceive things that way


  20. esotericcosmos says:

    this lasted all night so at times they were pretty close say 50-100 feet away, other times much further


  21. esotericcosmos says:

    awesome, thansk for sharing that with us. I learned keep a camcorder close by at all times :)


  22. esotericcosmos says:

    lol your to funny, thanks for commenting


  23. Mausr says:

    Wow. An airplane and a light. It’s like I’ve bee abducted by my own idiocy.

  24. itsalwaysme123 says:

    it was about 1 na half yrs ago and me and my firend were hanging out in his front lawn and i look up in the sky and saw this silvery/white dish shape heading towards the tree lines the very next night me and him were hanging out in his lawn again and i looked at the window cus i saw something in it (a reflection) and then looked into the sky and saw what looked like the ufo i saw the other day take off in the blink of my eye.. it was really creepy and i wish i had a cam corder..maybe next time

  25. TheLittlebird956 says:

    How far away do you think you were from them….. Thanks

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