UFO – Unsolved Mysteries Roswell (Full Movie)

UFO – Unsolved Mysteries: an Excellent TV show, hosted by the late Robert Stack. Here’s a classic episode looking into behind the scenes events at Roswell. The Roswell New Mexico UFO mystery remains to be one of the most legendary on all of UFO cases. This episode is about that incident which happened back in 1947. Stanton Friedman, who appears in this program, is largely responsible for making the Roswell story so well known today. Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell is from the Roswell area, and knew some of the witnesses personally. He says they are credible, and so he personally believes this was a case of an alien craft that crashed, which was then covered up by our government.


  1. mlc2005 says:

    The guy Bob Lazar, (at the 30 minute mark) was later proven to be a fraud. Apparently he lied about his college back ground and never even worked in area 51. I wish UM had not included him, bc the other people on here seem far more credible.

  2. muffronfar says:

    @bigqueensam this is the stuff wikileaks realy should be looking for

  3. Reeda1414 says:

    @scottieman2 lol

  4. TheGamingGod360 says:

    Awesome channel! I subbed thanks for ALL the uploads!

  5. bigqueensam says:

    the us government lie to the public about ufo since at least 1947

  6. scottieman2 says:

    “Hey, I’m the first comment. I’m like Neil Armstrong. Being the first comment will most defiantly get me chicks now!!”

    Love this show. Hope that they keep them on youtube.

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