UFO – Unexplained Mysteries – UFO Best Evidence (PART ONE)

UFO – Unexplained Mysteries – UFO Best Evidence, just look at THE AMAZING THINGS
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  1. 323ReTrO says:


  2. eyeboule says:

    lol ok…they are all crazy…..hmmm…..I dont think so…when I was in the psychic ward…in a hospital…we would look at the humans struggling in snow and cold and say….mannn..who is crazier…them or us and we wold laugh….wake up people !!

  3. nonazum12 says:

    Their. It was as tall as the bus stop post. It scared me but I stayed at the window trying to figure out what it was. Seriously ever since I never look out the window when its past eleven its just scary. I asked people what they thought it was and they said probably a demon but I don’t believe in that either. It was just freaken weird and I never want t experience that again.

  4. nonazum12 says:

    I don’t think what I saw was a UFO but I don’t know what it was. It was around 12 am I looked out the window of the two story town house and I seen this thing that was blacker than the night. The street lights were on and it passed right under it plus it was a clear night. I don’t believe in these things that’s why it is s hard for me to accept it the way it moved it didn’t walk like a human its harms didn’t move and it looked like it hovered. Were its hands and feet should of been they weren’t

  5. TheFuckOffMe says:

    why is it dat wen ufo’s are capture on video der far away nd wen seen close up nd counter..itz not and no1 believes

  6. XxxBlueWafflexxX says:

    now she doesnt think alien are evlil xD

  7. PoNNoXD says:

    Y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife…and hide your houseband´╗┐ cus they’re abducting e’rybody out here.

  8. darlvero says:

    hmmm, I think we’ll see plenty of UFO’s on 2012. IF 2012 end of the world is true…

  9. cloudig says:

    I love how every single UFO video is the BEST EVIDENCE etc… its all the same bullshit, nothing has been proven and no one has any hard evidence

  10. TheAmericanDane says:

    Where is part 2…it’s on the right second thumbnail down.

  11. thegreatmiki says:

    part 2 plz this was exciting ­čśÇ

  12. Cyanidesmiles23 says:

    Everyone always says crap about the damn government, blah blahblah… Fuck our corrupt “leaders” its all a conspiracy, more things to hide from us, I think shit needs to be done instead of everyone just talking about it for once

  13. Me2times says:

    Ever notice how these sightings are in well populated or much-mentioned areas? Anyone ever see one in North Carolina?

  14. sirjulez2004 says:

    why the hell you want part 2. i still want part 1. this video doesnt start till 2:53 .

  15. chesleycareystar says:

    Katy Perry Bring me here

  16. generouspeasant says:

    @jasenlas I am sick of kicking their asses

  17. jasenlas says:

    your gonna get whacked by an alien gangstar

  18. opninaninanajninanaj says:

    hmmm i always wondered how come they let this show on air?

  19. afterray says:


  20. allaneus says:

    some ufo evidence has been ridicule because “some” people already know what it is!! it is not what we think it is, but some of government’s advance aerial technology..did you think that the US Government stopped producing some type of airplane such as the U2? you’ve got to be kidding me?

  21. docdog44 says:

    i miss this show

  22. bobgnops says:

    i think the government hide part 2

  23. generouspeasant says:

    fuck aliens they are just pussys that dont show.

  24. tdtjackson123 says:

    also part two( Xproject187) has where it leaves off

  25. tdtjackson123 says:

    If indeed someone get a real picture of a ufo or alien no one will believe it anyways so whats the point. There is so many thing around about it (rosewell) included , still there is people that trys to explain it away are people covering up . Many people wouldn’t know a ufo or alien if it smacks them dead in the face, it is what it is nothing going to change. The only way People are going to believe is if the alien shows them selfs to the whole world.

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