UFO TV documentary 2008 – The Phoenix Lights

“THE PHOENIX LIGHTS – WE ARE NOT ALONE” Producers Lynne D. Kitei, MD and Steve Lantz present their Internationally award-winning film, an in-depth examination of the mile-wide, V-shaped light formations and craft witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix and throughout Arizona on March 13th 1997. UFO buffs call it “the most documented unexplained mass sighting ever recorded.” WINNER Best Documentary (2005 International Sci-Fi & Horror Film Festival). WINNER Best Director (2005 NY International Independent Film & Video Festival). Also received three nominations for Best Documentary Feature. For complete behind-the-scenes info on the making of the documentary, visit; www.stevelantzproductions.com For more information on the Phoenix Lights event, visit; http Be sure and read “TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT” on the home page. “THE PHOENIX LIGHTS – DEBUNKING THE DEBUNKERS” – Learn more about the real facts and common myths associated with the Phoenix Lights at this link; www.stevelantzproductions.com – THIS IS A MUST-READ ARTICLE!!! DVD available at Amazon.com in the UFO section; www.amazon.com


  1. ducati0000 says:

    over 10,000 people saw this item and its was huge and silent..police,lawyers,doctors,etc,etc all saw it,

  2. 1122stardust says:

    Sorry, this is stupid. It is obvious it is a clever hoax. Some one is laughing there ass off at us some where. First off, notice it happened AT NIGHT, so no one could see any specific structural detail. NOTICE, no one got any great photos if it was under 3,000 ft. I am fuckn tired of UFO sightings that no one can provide proof. No photos, no up close video documentation. They are always convenient for not having tangible proof. So many sightings, yet no public contact. there all mirages!!!!

  3. JerseyJersey100 says:

    Sammy is clearly uninformed. Thousands of people are in prisons this minute based witness testimony alone, as it is widely accepted as THE best evidence possible-so how could ALL the people be delusional around the world? You need to watch some shuttle cameras with the ufos making a 20 mile diameter circle formation. Im not saying I believe 75% of what I see, but there are things flying in and around our atmosphere that are unexplained. Period, end of story.

  4. Thesortvokter says:

    @jitblues It was just flares!!!
    It just HAS to be, and besides, that’s what the goverment says, they wouldn’t lie, would they?
    URGENT: Please support scepticism at:
    don’tletscepticismdieDOT org

  5. shatwood says:

    Oh great. This entire documentary is environmentalist propoganda.

  6. soulster1978 says:

    this is f**king awesome….. I mean really…. think about it…. 10,000 people who saw this thing…. people from all different walks of life. This, coupled with what you hear from the likes of Bob Lazaar, just adds TOO MUCH WEIGHT to the possibility that it is indeed alien spacecraft. UNDENIABLE!! INCREDIBLE!! just a pity it did not happen during the day 😉

  7. dirtynuke says:

    We are not alone

  8. SuperNikolai100 says:

    is sowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww realy!

  9. abstractnomad says:

    Thank you for posting this full version…much luv:)

  10. jitblues says:

    Telling us that it was just flares is another way of saying they think we’re
    a bunch of dumb asses.

  11. Laurieb2851 says:

    If these lights were attached to one object – just imagine how huge. I can’t think the government would be making something that large on a secret basis. I don’t think something that big can stay hidden underground and there can’t be a building big enough to store an object like that.

  12. dogsofwarclan says:

    this is the best one so far that adressed the fact what happend. but its always up to yourself what u do with this information.
    great work :)

  13. lbawop says:

    i have put up my new video in the video response… Tell me what you lot think of these pictures Thx

    peace LBA

  14. lbawop says:

    @MrSammythehammy LOL one more thing my friend, you said they are secret weopons developements i think most ufo are.. BUT how come they have been painted on cave walls from 15.000 years 10.000 years, 5000 years ago in the same shape objects that our pilots are seeing and taking photo’s now… As i know our governments have not been around for that long There is only 1 simple explanation, someone has been watching us for a very long time

    peace LBA

  15. lbawop says:

    @MrSammythehammy I have put up a Video Response up showing why aliens are not saying hello…What we are doing on this planet to that tribe by just watching them… what do you think that tribe thinks is flying in the sky when their have no idea about us or our citys or technology… we are staying away to protect them… why is it so hard for you to believe that it is happening to us
    peace LBA

  16. lbawop says:

    @MrSammythehammy This solar system is a young system in our galaxy and some systems are billions of years older than ours… Now we started to fly in 1903 and in a 108 years manage to get into space, land on the moon and send probe’s to every planet in our system and all in a 108 years… so tell me how far do you think humans will be in 10 million year or a billion years from now? Distances will not be a problem then

  17. lbawop says:

    @MrSammythehammy I think that reflected lights was ruled out as well as flares… the object was seen by over 10.000 people are i think that most of them have lived around there most of their lifes and would of seen reflected/refracted lights before.. it was seen by people from every walk of life like Airforce, police, doctors, cab drives, local government and was reported to be only 500 to 1000 feet up…. something was there… human made or not i dont know

  18. MrSammythehammy says:

    I guess what these are is whats known as mirages thats why most folks that see them say they shimmer.Pheonix is a very hot place and tempreture variations esspeccially at dawn and dusk change rapidly causing mirages to form.So stop trying to make something outsa nothing .Thats why the government dont get that involved they know what it is .Its harmless but they do enjoy the distraction it gives joe public away from their own secret weopons developements.

  19. MrSammythehammy says:

    I think these lights must have been reflected/refracted lights from the airport or vehicles on roads etc .I have seen a similar effect over edinburgh in scotland at night when the troposphere is changing and moving due to tempreture changes allsorts of images are magnifyed and reflected.forget aliens visiting us we are definetly alone distances are just too far for us to be visited by another alien race if there is any.Now another dimension is a possibility.

  20. Metacomet7 says:

    OK – assuming that UFO’s are a reality, why must they be piloted by “aliens”? I have seen tons of videos of UFO’s … nothing of an alien.

    It is way more likely that it’s piloted by a man or a project bluebeam illusion. Hell, I’d even believe in time travelers long before I believe in intelligent life from another planet existing within our current spacetime…. considering the gigantic scope of spacetime.

  21. icemilf says:

    @Megiddo3712 how can you be so sure ?

  22. kiuhy8 says:

    one of the most important ufo events ever

  23. deedoo70 says:

    @reignclaw Of course it’s not, it’s oviously bewildered seagulls.

  24. reignclaw says:

    man….c’mon…its obviously swamp gas!

  25. TheFunkMachine77 says:

    i believe in UFOs and ETs on planet earth during the last thousands of years.. but i think the phoenix lights were a military black project…like Michael Schratt explained in his Project Camelot Interview

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