UFO – The Rendlesham Forest Case – Part 1 of 6

bentwaters1980.com The Rendlesham Forest Incident is the name given to a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of an extraterrestrial spacecraft in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England in late December 1980. It is perhaps the most famous UFO event to have happened in Britain, ranking amongst the best-known UFO events worldwide. It has been compared to the Roswell UFO incident in the United States and is commonly referred to as “Britain’s Roswell” or the “English Roswell”. Following the event, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) denied that it posed any threat to national security and stated that it was therefore never investigated as a security matter. Later evidence indicated that there was a substantial MoD file on the subject and this led to claims of a cover-up. Some interpreted this as part of a larger pattern of information suppression concerning the true nature of unidentified flying objects, by both the United States and British governments (see the UFO conspiracy theory). However, when the file was released in 2001 it turned out to consist mostly of internal correspondence and responses to inquiries from the public. The lack of any in-depth investigation confirmed that the case was never taken seriously by the MoD


  1. lmos26 says:

    This story is absolutely amazing and for me it confirms it’s all true, I am sorry but this is simply too well documented and the witnesses are too creditable for any of the governments silly cover stories

  2. TheJaredtube says:

    @Arclightraid And we are alone in the universe too. Nice try.

  3. AttunedFlux says:

    can you please tell me the exact name of this particular special? Im trying to hunt down all of the best UFO video, and it’d be very helpful. Thanks!

  4. ice484 says:

    If a real alien got out a real ufo went to London and had tea with the queen – they would still say if was fake !! We had entered a time when not even the truth can be proved. Very sad and true!

  5. MMORPG93 says:

    this was right next to where i live i live in Norfolk and this was in Suffolk
    this is britains famous ufo sittings/this was our Roswell

  6. Arclightraid says:

    Americans are prone to hysteria and this clouds judgement. Nothing happened – just imagination!

  7. KonChul says:

    Imagine if cannibals in africa had recording technology and then recorded a plane touching down. It would be the same thing. Learn to accept the unacceptable and they’ll come. But you cant.

  8. coolkingler1 says:

    @QuickDrawMgraw They didn’t want to pay for parking. 😛

  9. GisherJohn24 says:

    Whether it was aliens or not, there was a coverup of something…

  10. QuickDrawMgraw says:

    So extra terrestrials have the intelligence to travel light years through space and time, yet they crash their vehicles?

  11. muchohumpty says:


    Why trust you? You have zero evidence of life on other planets & alien life visiting earth. Your simply just jumping to conclusions like most believers do. Thats why its hard to take reports serious because ppl want to see something so anything they see they immediatley associate it with alien

  12. muchohumpty says:

    @91Pepsimax I think people overeaact to this case. Its certainly doesnt point to anything related. These service men had a scheme to get disharged from work & still keep their pay. They came up with this story to do that

  13. muchohumpty says:

    I believe they were mistaken & misidentified the light which was a light house

    The touching & seeing the craft was a lie to try & get on leave as a early retirement scheme to maintain pay

    You see people that dont want to be in the army act like they are insane to get discharged. I think this was the thing that they were trying to do

  14. nealezumm says:

    Aliens must be real dumb if they think that military bases are places worth visiting to learn anything valuable about us. They should go to an art gallery, or a library. Then they’d be puzzled.

  15. 91Pepsimax says:

    the rendlesham forest UFO incident is the most breath taking air force
    documenterarys on e.t.

  16. westside159 says:

    how much proof do these idiots need ? were on planet earth not a fantasy land
    this is the real world and there are other beings trust

  17. FlozelltheHotell says:

    looks like im not gonna be able to sleep tonight..

    How long will we let our governments lie to our faces?!

  18. TheMoosenuts says:


    you guys are both right as far as i know. i’ve seen a few docs on this case and i remember the part about the 0’s and 1’s that you are talking about. buddy felt these numbers when he touched the craft and continued to have dreams about it. some guy put them into a comp after buddy wrote them out and they came up with a potential message. there were also glyphs on the craft that he drew pics of. this is just a quick rundown of what i’ve seen not a piece by piece explanation.

  19. thecreatordude says:

    WOOHOOOO!!! i live in rendlesham.

  20. raggedmoorlander says:

    @TheReddwarff100 OK, I’ll watch the documentary ‘I know what I saw’ if you can send me a link to it (all I can on YouTube is the trailer which last about three minutes – you don’t mean that, do you?)

  21. raggedmoorlander says:

    @TheReddwarff100 He wasn’t a maths prof.,just someone playing around with a computer. He makes such-and-such a sequence of 0s and 1s equal to A, such-and-such equal to B, and so on IN SUCH A WAY that they spell out the message (and even then it’s incomplete). It’s just fiddling with the data. Give me the same 0s and 1s and I’ll show you how, if T equals such-and-such, H equals such-and-such, you get the message, ‘THIS IS BONKERS’. We don’t need this silliness.

  22. TheReddwarff100 says:


    I saw a ufo once when I was younger, and I could not explain it, I could tell it was not man made, As I had a clear sight of it and it was also daytime. One thing that struck me as I saw it was that I had a strong feeling (i knew it served some purpose) other than flying.
    I was wondering if either James or John had any type of feeling like this when they saw the ufo.

  23. TheReddwarff100 says:


    Watch the documentry I know what I saw, this sighting is described in much more detail than ever before.
    They know it didn’t crash because they walked right up to the object, walked round it, looked under it, and even wrote down symbols on the side of the craft. These symbols were taken to a maths professor who they asked to look at these markings, what he says about them is very interesting.
    One of the symbols he says represents the Fibonacci numbers.

  24. TheReddwarff100 says:

    Col Charles I. Halt.
    Sgt. John Burroughs.
    Master-Sergeant J. D. Chandler.
    Staff-Sergeant Jim Penniston.
    Airman Edward N. Cabansag.

    All these men said this happened and it was unexplained.
    The Goverment said that this case was not a matter of national security.

    Even though this all took place on a nuclear weapons base.

    This is the most intriguing sighting in recent history.
    More information has come forward about this sighting in the documentry I know what I saw.

  25. f1l173 says:

    the rosewell case the ufo didnt crash down , it was SHOT down …

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