One Phillip Corso claimed he reversed engineered the technology from the ufo crash in roswell. The US Government says no. Who do you believe?
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  1. 11mrjarjar says:

    aliens are not here and will never be here! nothing can travelmsuch a vast distant of space and survive! aliens might exist but cannot venture to far from there planets even if they are highly advanced!! so all you geeks that believe in aliens being here, you are just believing in a fairy tale! >:P

  2. 11mrjarjar says:

    and it is fake ! the government is hiding nothing concerning aliens! they just hide new technology they come up with !!

  3. 11mrjarjar says:

    @mmmyyy26 what da hell is illuminati, i see that word on a lot of comments??

  4. zzzthaoster says:

    as much as I want to believe the story, there’s no evidence of it. I do believe that there are others out there far away from us.

  5. mmmyyy26 says:

    to be a muslim we dont agree with it
    in Quran says “humans are superior being of all beings”.then how come aliens superior than humans
    i agree some thing crashed and they collected aliens to be honest thats plan
    a road to new world order. another illuminati game plan
    all technologies these technologies we seen in vedeo are currently under use by illuminati. in simple worlds illuminat are 50 years advance than current technology that we cant even imagine
    The cant make Muslims fool.

  6. TranshumanCyborg says:

    @duncan7599 Years later they said it was a lie to distract the public from a weather balloon system set up to spy on the Russians. If you’re going to come up with a lie that the general public will have an easy time buying into, I don’t think the first thing that would come to mind is aliens. Then retracting the following day and saying its really a weather balloon to cover up the fact that its a weather balloon makes no sense either.

  7. TranshumanCyborg says:

    @jonatron5 That was a pretty dumb theory. I think it was more likely it was aliens than that.

  8. schmeltingaccident says:

    You gotta admit that circle kinda sucked.

  9. jonatron5 says:

    Actually i heard recently that it was a small spy craft sent by stalin that crashed i think he had a midget flying it or something

  10. TheSixxthsence says:

    You people are ignorant and retarded just accept it! Their real! Evidence is very were and soon we will have alien porn!=(

  11. duncan7599 says:

    It wasnt a UFO you schmucks, it was what the government said it was, a weather ballon.

  12. Globox822 says:

    this is hilarious

  13. whoizjohan says:

    fake fake and fake, the hole country USA is fake

  14. leemouse says:

    @joeching Yeh right, yawn.

  15. leemouse says:

    This man Corso has been outed as a total bullshitter and spun these lies to sell a book so he could make money to leave to his family before he died.

  16. jddaig93 says:

    how do we explain stonehenge?

  17. DEIMOSLOL says:

    @BrianCaboose No…??

  18. BrianCaboose says:

    @DEIMOSLOL Have you seen god or Jesus?

  19. dreaminvasion says:

    @DEIMOSLOL so why do you accept air as a reality?

  20. dreaminvasion says:

    @redsoxxx1234 very true. true and very sad.

  21. redsoxxx1234 says:

    @dreaminvasion the way things are going they wont need to destroy us we will destroy areselves b4 they even get here

  22. fisatbtech says:

    seems you researched so much about rosewell.so whats your opinion about this incident.

  23. DEIMOSLOL says:

    until I see with my own eyes, aliens are fake. I’ll categorize aliens under gods and Jesus.

  24. GrugarHaland says:

    cool video, though!

  25. GrugarHaland says:

    it is very convincing but i dont think aileins have been to earth yet..

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