UFO Sightings Winner Best UFOs Sighting August 27,2011

UFO Sightings Winner Best UFOs Sighting Most Hit UFO Video! Over a Milion Hits! August 27,2011
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. dontuselatex says:

    @sharkyrivethead no its usually not that hardcore after many sightings, obviously is good at what he is doing here

  2. dawfidd says:

    fake, blur sorry photoshop filter

  3. getrdytofallinlove says:

    Althoug I don’t really believe that this is the real deal, I don;t think that those lights are chasing each other rather they are three lights on the one object and they appear to chase each othe as the object flys around, like its invisble except for the lights. But like I said, total BULL!

  4. usernameowain says:

    @ne14mxx U are a TWAT if u think this is REAL…. Now U GO Lick A MARTIANS ASSHOLE YOU Fk’in IDIOT

  5. Darkarofpamn1973 says:

    Im suscribed your videos so asowme

  6. robiniroven says:

    @shardsofabrokenheart yeah it sux that everything is fake..makes me sad :'(

  7. shardsofabrokenheart says:

    @robiniroven I already know this is fake but its’s not the first video with lights following eachother around.I can’t be too sure about other ones but anything can be faked these days so until i see with my own eyes i will never truely believe and videos like this don’t exactly help the cause.Think about this though,what things,U.F.O or not would follow eachother around in circles in the sky?

  8. robiniroven says:

    @shardsofabrokenheart what if it is humans flying those things?…what if this is fake?….what if its not ufo’s but some sort of beings?…cant know for sure cause we know NOTHING…..NOOOTHIIIIING

  9. ArceeWC says:

    Honestly… If you watch enough of these… You can’t really make sense of them… These people are video taping amazing views and such and then start straying off them where these lights are going. and maybe they don’t come to our planet to fucking chase enough around, they probably don’t know English and are tryin a type of body language with flashing lights and motion… think about it..

  10. gstanz67 says:

    why would you put Aug 27th in the title….you have been doing this for 8 months now….just changing the date in the title……why??? The video is a fraud anyway…..You won best ufo sighting from who? Who were the judges you and your mom? what did you win? fresh batch of cookies?

  11. gstanz67 says:

    why would you put Aug 27th in the title….you have been doing this for 8 months now….just changing the date in the title……why???

  12. Haziel83 says:

    I’m an UFO believer, but now its starting to irritate me….for all these years, they have been flying around in disguise and never introduced themselves..I’m getting sick and tired of this bullshit!!!!!

  13. SBombayW says:

    @ItsTiedToAStick Yeah! And all the government officials and pilots and radars that catch them are lying too lol… You have to be an ignorant moron not to believe in UFO’s by now. EVERY other civilzed country’s government has admitted they exist. Except the U.S.A. And even our presidents admit they exist when asked, in public settings or not. How do you explain this?

  14. worldwiderelease says:

    Several groups of extraterrestrials have come to earth because they don’t want us to destroy our planet. They themselves have outstripped their homeplanets and wait an plan to make us weaker and destroy more,to then make us reliant on them with their offering os peace and technology. But this makes us dependent upon them, and we will be subjugated and exploited. They use powerful mental skills.that we better learn more of. More revelations:

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  15. InKa4484 says:

    @gogogoultraman lmfao, sure man.

  16. DJwalaLopez says:

    Thats retarded the title says 8/24/2011 but this was added 8 months ago ): change the title man !

  17. gogogoultraman says:

    Aliens are fucking cowards!!!!!!!!!! They just fly around looking at us from up there!!!!!! Because they know if they came down here AMERICANS WOULD TOTALLY KICK THEIR FUCKING ASS!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY IN ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. nebkeperoure says:

    incoherent la vidéo date de 2010.Beaucoup de fake, third phase moon

  19. zemat2000 says:

    LOL.. So you are saying that everything that’s flying It’s identifiable? UFO doesn’t mean alien craft.

  20. omgandr3a says:

    still dont belive in ufos

  21. ItsTiedToAStick says:

    The reason there are no clear, close shots of UFOs is because when you’re close enough and can clearly see the object you can identify it as whatever it this-worldly is, but if you take the same object and film it further away where it is too blurry to identify, you automatically think it’s a UFO because you can’t see it clear enough to identify what it really is

  22. SpidahRidah says:

    It’s either fake, or a retard with no experience of holding a camera, and with a chopped off tongue is recording this.

  23. SanitysCalamity says:

    I could do that in after effects also. Please stop with the fake shit. Its giving the reality of the situation a bad name.(when the “ufo’s” pass behind the tree, one of them appears in front of the tree for a split second. Bad editing or one of your layers wasn’t clean enough.

  24. davesr25 says:

    TBH I’m sick of youtube’s UFO shit, not seen one thing that’s made me go wow that 100% real……most is well shit.
    Sadly this is no different. All I’ve read and all I see is not conclusive proof that UFO’s or Aliens or ghost or all the or thing’s I’d like to believe in are real. It’s been a road of 11 years and still no REAL 100% proof. To you David Ike’ers that rip my mitten. Bring me the skin of you reptile race…….crazies.

  25. DjV3ndetta says:

    Omfg!It is not UFO!It is electric charges created by solar sun activity!This happened after storm!I seen tons of this llight ball electric energys.2012 sun solar storm!We are doomed!!!Damn!You didnt see this ever?

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