UFO Sightings In The News Compilation

UFO Sightings In The News Compilation. WE ARE NOT ALONE.


  1. TheCanoGirls says:

    @winterstellar wow that may be because they’re intelligent enough to know that everyone is going to think they’re a joke for saying anything. You’d have to be an arrogant little shit to believe that our planet is the only one in the UNIVERSE with life on it. Does it really make sense to believe that our planet was the only one within millions of galaxies to develop the correct circumstances for life to inhabit it.

  2. UFOHunter82 says:

    @winterstellar Not True

  3. winterstellar says:

    You see, “aliens” have a tendency of preferring to show themselves to illiterates.. It’s a fact, studies have shown that the less education you have the bigger chance there is of you claiming to have seen a “UFO”! I’m not kidding. : )

  4. VGallardo says:

    @JoeWarhurst123 hahahaha YOU RETARD. they will probably kill you if you don’t learn how to spell.I hope the “bad alain killers” read this post and tell you they are not coming in peace or “somin”. WHO AGRESS?

  5. riaria78 says:

    Aliens = Fallen Angels or demons

  6. janethg97 says:

    @JoeWarhurst123 I heard they’re causing all the natural disasters trying to get the human population reduced so we’ll be easier to control ….?

  7. MegaDemonlover says:

    @JoeWarhurst123 i agree, Stuiped people woud think of them as a threat n proberly try n kill them

  8. chuppedup says:

    @123dumbo987 hahahahaha

  9. kittu6in12 says:

    do u think this? is? a real ufo..or alien .footage ….haaaaaa

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  10. lilletus says:

    @JoeWarhurst123 maybe they are afraid of us, they have seen what man kind have done to each other, and they are afraid we will do the same to them, and maybe thats the truth

  11. lilletus says:

    okay okay, now i hade watch mostly every ufo video on the internet, and i have come to an konklusion: can we see them on a radar?? if so, then many countrys deals with ufo on a everydays basic but the public doesent hear about, and i dont understand why the dont tells us, if we knew the truth we dont have to be scared any more, cause what you dont understand, you fear..

  12. override83 says:

    @vickybomb omg please be true!
    Dear aliens:

    -kindly, the humanoids

  13. whbcanes says:

    @mastercrowly the things in the comics and stuff were not made up it was all made after the roswell insident

  14. evangel30 says:


  15. evangel30 says:


  16. 123dumbo987 says:

    I like turtles

  17. wardog166 says:

    I don’t understand how people believe that we are the only life in this never ending universe.

  18. Peruviandude96 says:

    @JoeWarhurst123 just like when the Europeans met the Native Americans (:

  19. WarZoneHd says:

    True but some are real, ufos have been recorded since the human kind started writing, a lot of paintings from the renaissance contain ufos in the background, why would these painters just make up something and stick it in the back of their paintings?

  20. rdrgdz4 says:

    @cecandart haha i live in chula vista

  21. mastercrowly says:

    @rdrgdz4 and whatever we would possibly do, it would probably fuck everything up. thats all humans are good for.

  22. mastercrowly says:

    my dad saw one of those orb light things when he was with some college guys studying and trying to find ghosts.

  23. mastercrowly says:

    @tumadrehomes maybe they traveled this far just out of ignorant curiosity. thats why humans do everything.

  24. mastercrowly says:

    sometimes i think “if they see saucers and stereotypical aliens, its probably not real, what are the fucking odds that the things comic book writers made up in the 50’s are actually real? how did they guess..” but then i think “maybe they never ‘made’ that stuff up”

  25. ThePidgeottosNest says:

    What’s this I heard today that area 51 just came out and admited alians exist? There was some sort of crash reciently and now there not hiding the fact that there out there?idk Ive been hearing shit all day about something that’s happend reciently. If anyone knows what the he’ll I’m talking about please tell me cause I sure as he’ll don’t /:

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