UFO Sighting best ever UFOS Video UK Phoenix UFO sighting

www.petition.co.uk This UFO sighting is about as convincing as the BBC documentary on my wife and I. If the BBC reported as truthfully as this UFO video then they would be doing a better job than they are doing now.
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. Skinhitta says:

    very good fake….shit.

  2. awesomelink10 says:

    epic fail

  3. puffintuffer says:

    @1BlackOps1 They (u.f.o.’s) didn’t make a sound, the sound you hear is wind from them passing by. Btw. if you’ll notice, the palm trees respond to this by moving.

  4. jojo56ist says:

    nice cgi

  5. b1adeh says:

    Since you are such the video professional with CGI and all, explain to me how you can tell its fake? I’m not saying it is real, because I don’t know. Although you seem to know why its fake, so can you enlighten me?

  6. BONDAGELOVE4U says:


  7. csklmf86 says:

    good fake

  8. xxSpeedxMetalxx says:

    you guys are all idiots thinking its some editting program it looks pretty convincing to me

  9. xPunisher12x says:

    that looked pretty good GREAT JOB

  10. RS4TTT says:

    its called augmented reality and its all military technology. dont kid yourself myfriend you have been conditioned to believe UFO’s are real and one day this will be the next big crisis and fool the world into believing we are being attacked.

  11. M1scV1d says:

    A man has to be pretty dumb to not to notice this videos fakeness and the 3D graphics.

  12. XxXStormydayzXxX says:

    Why didn’t he keep filming? And can CGI objects go behind real objects smoothly like that?

  13. TheFalconking says:

    Yeap… Vue Xstream from Eon software. I use it and is very simple to make something like this… nice try.

  14. pure0wnerbeyotch says:

    This is kind of funny what comments the people are making…saying UFO’S dont make sound…how would they know not like they have seen one?…for all we know they chould be the loudest things in the world……

  15. zeek1000 says:

    awesome fake just awesome

  16. DogMowl says:

    ya great fake

  17. thepolicecops says:


  18. gatefanjuliana says:

    i heard this guy won an award or somethin’ for fotoshoping this once he admitted it was fake

  19. Jontheboybahns says:


  20. lamontsphurba says:

    nice fake..

  21. ATR0LOG says:

    lol out of anything you could have said about it….”of course it is fake, they made a sound” so if it didn’t make a sound would you have believed?

  22. 1BlackOps1 says:

    Fake everyone knows ufos do not make a sound idoit

  23. Caesar1997 says:

    NASA have found DNA on Mars so it has to be something there in the space

  24. ajaaronjoe says:

    These are pussy monsters

  25. us6235 says:

    does look real but would have been all over the media if it was

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