1. kawridr6 says:

    i really want someone to answer this. I really dont understand how the government or military confirmed that yes, a ufo has been recovered and and then days later change their story and said, no it was a weather balloon. If they were as smart as they claim to be, then how can they not tell the difference between an alien spacecraft and a weather balloon bc if they cant then they must be retarted or something

  2. kingoftha505 says:

    Another time was in the same place as first in 2006. Same orange lights but they were pulsating and every time they would flash they would make a difference symbol( there was 5 of them ).we have nothing that can do this, it lasted about a minute. Had several other sightings but these most interesting

  3. kingoftha505 says:

    Then in 2005 me and a friend when to puerto vallarta out of albuquerque and when we got over the sandia mountains about 70 yards from the wing was a disk I pointed at it, it slowly pulled back then vanished. He did get a glimpse of what I saw

  4. kingoftha505 says:

    I grew up in dexter about 18 miles south of roswell I can assure you ufo’s and et’s are real. I’ve seen them on multiple occasions. first time where always towards the northeast in the sky out past the tatum highway. First time it was exactly like the phoenix lights and it just vanished after about 3 minutes.

  5. thoostorm4 says:

    @redfireblast57 we are all alien moron

  6. eastlight says:

    STONE Philips? What a stupid name – only in America!

  7. ChineseGangStalker says:

    RIP. The poor general died when he went inside a hurricane to look for the little people.

  8. redfireblast57 says:

    is it just me or the colonel looks like an alien ?

  9. Misternipples110 says:

    This video was hard to masturbate to. Hard, but not impossible.

  10. Sllvlloov says:


    What are you mumbling about you drunk? UFO sitings have been reported all over the world…

  11. whoizjohan says:

    ONLY IN AMERICA right?! notting spookey happens in others countrys, only aliens shows up in america, hahaha dont you idiots see whats going on? america is fucking whit there own people just to have them under controll

  12. bigglewigglebee says:

    Google Fredrick Valentich disappearance– most credible evidence for ufos..will blow you away

  13. gogosss100 says:

    I ‘ve seen that film on star movie

  14. tonoklein says:

    Dr. Jonathan Reed went man-to-alien and won. unfortunately that was after the alien took out his dog. it’s on youtube. he videotaped the thing.

  15. wilber714 says:

    Time machine…

  16. Allseeingeye2013 says:

    Please subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe to yours and will spread the Truth like a virus .
    Vote for the truth .

  17. hutchinson1995 says:

    @toomuchmomk well said brother

  18. DehorseProductions says:

    @GalaxyHorse thats the same theory i have

  19. GalaxyHorse says:

    @Sammicsno The Truth is often very “Dry”

  20. GalaxyHorse says:

    It seems these voyagers were Biological creations of a civilization, sending them to explore and report back; this is what Corso and others have deduced-they were like artificially made beings designed for space travel. It would be interesting to meet their makers….

  21. 3030Allen says:

    READ HIS BOOK i did and before that i did not even paid attention to UFO stories but now i am one more person that knows what really happened. after reading his book i investigated Co. Corso’s military career and let me tell you if you are gonna listen somebody talk abou EBE’s ufo’s or the truht behind the cold war you better listen to him.

  22. COXxMexicanxX says:

    Take back the planet

    Bring down NWO on´╗┐ 9-11-11

    10th anniversary in less than eight months!!!!!!!!!!

    Need a hundred million people in London and NYC on 9-11-11


    Take back the planet.

    Please copy this message far and wide.

  23. jibaritobueno says:

    @toomuchmomk EXACTLY!!!!

  24. GelandnaleG says:


  25. slackologist says:

    @toomuchmomk nikola tesla?

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