UFO Roswell Incident In Search of Aliens CNN Report

UFO Roswell Incident In Search of Aliens CNN Report


  1. SantoTomasDeCastilla says:

    I think all this Roswell crash thing, it’s nothing but business real talk!!!

  2. cqkicen says:

    i just wanna fuckin pucnh the ppl who wont admit their real. ya we cant handle the truth and ppls religion might be affected but in the end if we ever find out the TRUTH then its the gov whos fucked cuz they would be in deep shit for lying 60 years. we would never trust them again. i hope these mofos come down in 2012 so i can show ppl the truth, and there is a god even for those aliens

  3. NorceCodine says:

    The UFO Museum in Roswell is a gold mine. I was wondering where all that money is going, because its certainly not spent on that cheesy exhibition. Oh wait, 25 million dollars new museum? Gotcha.

  4. jeremymullins2 says:

    @johnshepardable haha!

  5. johnshepardable says:

    @jeremymullins2 i may be responding to a year old ocmment but yeah we see mexicans all the time lol

  6. xCoD4z says:

    It’s BENDER!

  7. SuperMrWilko says:

    What i don’t get is how come the Aliens look so much like humans?

  8. quicksilver2000au says:

    @jeremymullins2 Friend, if you are a bible reader, you’ll find out that we are not alone. There is also a spirit world where angels and demons are just as real as we are. Are aliens real? I’d say, yes. But putting it in the light of the word of God, aliens are actually demons. Are they far more intelligent than us? Yes, they’ve existed long before the earth was even created. They are fallen angels of God who’s ultimate goal is to steal, kill and destroy you. Yes, even to deceive you.

  9. mysay2u says:

    It was 1 of 3 things First A UFO Second a Flying wing of the norton design captured from the Germans that just happened to be seen by Kennath Arnold 2 months before. But it cant be the above because the peices were picked up and taken home and displayed on the KITCHEN TABLE . Both of the above could never fit in a house TOO BIG I believe it was a Russian Spy camera balloon and the Air Force did not want the American public to know their security of the sky had been breached by the Russians

  10. AsianHideOut says:

    govt sayings are bullshit

  11. affluenceclm says:

    Free inexhaustible energy is real!But the big oil corporations don’t want that technology revealed,Get a motor that needs no gas or electric input at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Start the energy revolution!

  12. paymentseal says:

    “There was an UFO crash”
    Debunker: It’s a weather balloon

    “The guy in the picture holding the weather balloon and his boss admitted the weather balloon was a coverup”
    Debunker: a cover-up doesn’t prove there’s UFO

    An alien walks up and shakes hands with Debunker.
    Debunker: get the hell outta here, Bob! I know it’s you.

  13. pashedmotatos says:

    The Government and Media are trying to cover up what really happened.

    The Spacecraft that crashed at Roswell WAS real and it WAS alien in origin- It belonged to a cat-eyed grey skinned race with large bulbous pear-shaped heads. This is the same race that also abducted Betty and Barney hill 14 years later.

    You can see one of these extraterrestrials in the Chilbolton Arecibo Message Response video.

    Thank goodness that we have credible witnesses like Frankie Rowe to help spread the truth.

  14. xRyanNeilCarrx says:

    thats bullshit coz doctor roger leir has a piece of the craft.

  15. burtonandi says:

    @jeremymullins2 i totally agree

  16. roygbivlz says:

    gah more fail.

  17. gift101 says:

    this remind me of roswell tv series.those where the days.

  18. obliviouspet says:

    Why do all CNN female anchors look like porn stars?

    Fucking cheap ass network.

  19. RoderickStrong says:

    Fuck the mainstream media like Fox “NEWS” and CNN (huge propaganda networks) that spread lies for the NWO

  20. johndownunder says:

    If you were accused of a crime and needed a good defense attorney. You could only wish he did a better job than the worlds journalists do of investigating the UFO Phenomenon. Your ass would be going straight to jail because of incompetant representation. Some teenagers using the Internet as a reseach source would be better informed than those who represent the mass media. It seems any fool with limited intellect can lampoon a story .

  21. johndownunder says:

    Journalists from time to time run stories on UFO and ETs. You would think at least one journalist in the World would take the subject seriously and do some real investigative research.Their are many credible witnesses Astronauts Pilots witnesses from the Disclosure Project etc. It seems they prefer to ridicule talk about little green men etc but why? They are just part of the problem aiding the Government coverup.How can a journalist report the truth when he is ignorant about the subject.

  22. jeremymullins2 says:

    i believe 100% that there are aliens…i mean cmon…theres sooo many galaxies and billions of planets out there….and ur telling me that earth is the only planet out of the entire universe that has life forms? I think not….then again thats just my opinion…

  23. EdGauthier1 says:

    These dorks are so uninformed about Roswell that they still don’t even know that the bodies recovered from that particular 1947 crash were 100% HUMAN.

  24. allflip99 says:

    They didn’t do a good job of researching the story. There’s a lot of evidence there, including testimonies from people that were actually part of it.

  25. chrisblue77 says:

    They did not want to alienate the audience:)

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