UFO ROSWELL CRASH did happen THIS IS PROOF from real document ! pt2

UFO ROSWELLCRASH did happen startling new evidence alien THIS IS PROOF from real document! ovnis ufohunter
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  1. brunogcv says:

    Just ask yourself. Do you really believe that a pilot from the air force do not know what is a weather balloon? Not even the most lazy and retarded pilot in the world dont know what a weather balloon looks like. Something happened in Roswell. After hours of investigation the first statement of the military was: “is a ALIEN SPACECRAFT”, the next day they say is a weather balloon. USE YOUR INTELLIGENCE. If it was a weather balloon, those people were the worst military staff in the history of man.

  2. 2009wildmonkey1 says:

    Roger Rammey needs to go down in History as a traitor to this country and his legacy to go down in history as a traitor to this country for keeping this from us. All the people Presidents on down need to go down in history as traitors . We need to enforce the laws demand investigations and push the issue

  3. aarn321 says:

    Amazing how out of all the conspiracy theories out there, the one with the most evidence of being real also turns out to be the most fascinating and profound.

  4. Misstorys says:

    @Ettrick8 For a part you can . the message makes no sense in case of a normal weatherballoon

  5. Misstorys says:

    @MJ12DAVE Yep so it was.. the baloon was in 2 little packages also in the plane to take it to Ramey for the ”act” of covering up and fool the newspaper media. the dog and pony show.. LOL.. Do the goverment think we are that stupid ? They themselves made the mistake to come up with different storys and the final closed version . why ? They had to leave it as it was. they only made themselves more stupid.. its beyond believe.

  6. Misstorys says:

    @Ettrick8 This debris was swithed Marcell says it also, study the Witness to Roswell book and you will know. very good book by original investigators. Schmitt..

  7. Misstorys says:

    @RocketRoswell Roswell lhad nothing to do with monkeys. and or weather baloons or moguls or anything but a real crashed disc..

  8. Misstorys says:

    @UFOvideoEXPERT Yes it happened.

  9. GelandnaleG says:

    Let itgo

  10. RocketRoswell says:

    Would any one believe me if i said… rhesus monkeys :) oh and a V2 rocket, ok answer me this, what was the very first living thing sent into low earth orbit? and no it wasn’t the Russian Dog, they were launched from white-sands in New Mexico… anyone?

  11. Ettrick8 says:

    Interview with Colonel Thomas J. DuBose

    Q: There are two researchers (Schmitt and Randle) who are presently saying that the debris in General Rameys office had been switched and that you men had a weather balloon there in its place.

    A: Oh Bull! That material was never switched!

    Q: So what you’re saying is that the material in General Rameys office was the actual debris brought in from Roswell?

    A: Thats absolutely right.

    Which interview do we believe from the same witness

  12. MJ12DAVE says:

    @Ettrick8 “After the plane from Roswell
    arrived with the material, I asked the
    base commander to personally
    transport it in a B-26 to Maj. Gen.
    McMullen in Washington, D.C. The
    entire operation was conducted
    under the strictest secrecy. The
    weather balloon explanation for the
    material was a cover story to divert
    the attention of the press.”-Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Dubose
    From 1964-66 he was the Commanding Officer of Wright-Patterson AFB

  13. DoubleDutchBust says:

    Roswell, Georgia 2:52pm EST

  14. DoubleDutchBust says:

    4:57pm Wednesday (MST) – Time in Roswell, New Mexico

  15. DoubleDutchBust says:

    1:23am Wednesday (CST) – Time in Mississippi, United States of America

  16. Ettrick8 says:

    I’ve looked at blown up copies of this memo on various web sites and you cannot make out what the text is.

  17. southparkfan2717 says:

    I think the storys are fun to listen too, but I’m not a believer.

  18. jushiu1022 says:

    nice proof !

  19. Metalitron12 says:

    the biggest thing is that our government only allows us to have half the technology they do. during this time. what was it 1947? The computers we have now are what the government was using. The only time we get better technology is when our government gets better. My point being is that they will always have more technology then us to hide anything. But since this happened that long ago. They couldn’t cover every last bit.

    could be true. Although it is still unreadable. It remains a mystery

  20. thewhiteopsdude says:

    This is Awesome news!
    Thanks for this excellent news my friend!

  21. incroyableverite says:

    awesome movie! disclosure NOW !

  22. OutlawButchCassidy says:

    Great footage.
    I bet there is still bits of the craft scattered that have not been found yet.

  23. UFOvideoEXPERT says:

    i have it all on tape also. but this is the best part. the alien ufo crash did happen believe it !!!! 2 ufos matter of fact

  24. Andyhgn53k says:

    Great find mate wondered when this documentary would show up here!

  25. RealXFile says:

    havent heard about this new evidence before thanks for uploading

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