UFO Roswell Crash 1947 Footage Alien Bodies

UFO Roswell Crash 1947 Footage Alien Bodies


  1. AdoreLucifer says:

    At 0:19 is that a Nazi walking by?

  2. buffboynick says:


    lol great comment

    The look of the film (timewise) appears genuwine. I would imagine it to have a grainy texture since its so old.

    If its fake then it was very well done.

    I have heard some say the Roswell crash was a staged alien event by the government that they orchestrated to cover up a real one that took place around the same time (before Roswell) but I’m not sure.

  3. seploud says:

    proof that the alien autopsy was REAL..is the same alien!

  4. salvodistefano says:

    the net is no more free

  5. Flerg3 says:

    shit is going to hit the fan if disclosure happens

  6. NeoArawak says:

    Right, because in the heat of that moment one must create a studio like environment. GREAT! observation Sherlock

  7. Wruff says:

    whoever’s holding the camera is too retarded to be real.

  8. pencilpig9 says:

    I thought this was a fake story but its true?

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