UFO Rock Bottom (Strangers in the Night — Chicago 1978) *FULL SONG*

UFO’s “Rock Bottom” from the live album “Strangers in the Night”; containing one of the most overlooked guitar solos ever. Recorded at the now-defunct International Ampitheater in Chicago, IL. * Michael Schenker guitar * Phil Mogg vocals * Andy Parker drums * Paul Raymond rhythm guitar, keyboards * Pete Way bass * Alan McMillan horn/string arrangements * Ron Nevison producer * Hipgnosis artwork ***NOTE: Intro and end applause is cut out, the song itself barely fit into the YouTube time limit.***
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. jonrev says:

    @TBirdSCIL Blame YouTube’s then-10 minute duration limit.

  2. TBirdSCIL says:

    How the hell could you leave out Phil Mogg’s drunken…. “whadidja say?….WHAT!?…O-kay, here’s a sawng called Ruck Buttum!”

  3. mikesikorski says:

    I saw UFO in May1979 at the International Amphitheater in Chicago. Michael Schenker was a no show, but UFO rocked the house! Judas Priest was the opening act on their Hell Bent For Leather tour. AWESOME SHOW!!

  4. magic8ball2112 says:

    Whenever I pick up *any* flying V guitar, this song’s main riff is immediately what I rip on!!

  5. mfmishere says:

    @PeteTheSnowDog1 michael has actually been clean for some years now is playing just as good as ever. i’ve seen about 4 times recently and i was blown away. look up some of his recent videos and you’ll be surpised by how good he sounds.

  6. QueenofSwords38 says:

    What smokes THIS? NOTHING. PERIOD. lol I missed it, and hearing it again… wow. Saxon Pride just fired up. So UNDER rated… so sad. People miss out. Oh well… WE know eh? Hit repeat… =D

  7. djphobiaturn says:

    This Album deserves its rave reviews,(Album Top 10 Of All Time) You better know it! “Rock Bottom” Top 10 Best guitar work ever, (along with) “Live No Quater, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin” (1976), Ted Nugent – Live Stranglehold (both studio and live versions are excellent!) Deep Purple “Made In Japan”(1972) Sides 2&3, and even “Peter Framptons – Do You Feel Like We Do! Not to mention, “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – 4Way Street – Southern Man”… I could go on and on.

  8. djphobiaturn says:

    I also agree (to a certain point), I was fortunate to see this tour, and was present for some of the recording of this material. (The “Black Sabbath / UFO” {with “Mothers Finest” opening up the show}) I have said before that some bands sound better live than the studio version, THIS IS DEFINITELY ONE OF THEM! The guitar work on this track, (as well as a few others) have the ability to literally pick you up and carry on an astrological voyage! Very few bands, and or tracks can do that!

  9. akd1959 says:

    People! This is great, though recorded many years ago. 😀

  10. petesway1962 says:

    @dkitty8124 Free bored lol

  11. petesway1962 says:

    @PeteTheSnowDog1 Saw him in Liverpool last year and he was immense!

  12. elviskorr1 says:

    amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. PeteTheSnowDog1 says:

    Michael Schenker’s solo in this song is still mind blowing to this day. In all due respect, however, its too bad that Schenker can’t lay off the bottle.

  14. nitramyor1961 says:

    Best live ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. nrwlkguy says:

    @DeaconBlues61 Absolutely the best live album i have ever heard so you are right DeaconBlues61

  16. gigisdad says:

    Yes this solo is off the charts. I’ve always marveled at how he could keep coming up with stuff for 4 fucking minutes straight.

  17. DeaconBlues61 says:

    Anyone that ever makes a “top ten live albums of all time” list should be shot if they don’t put this album on the list.

  18. cjjaxxon says:

    @frozenjoelian Shoot! I was in 7th grade when this came out. AND I lived on the south side, in Englewood at that.

  19. sks6689 says:

    MY FAV SOLO EVER!!!!!!!! by anyone1

  20. frozenjoelian says:

    I was but 15yrs old when i seen this show,fuckin awesome sound longest by far that i’ve seen in years..

  21. Purdonnnnn1873 says:

    @unravelled1962 How is it an insult.

  22. KrupaDrums says:

    Guitar World just named Schenker’s solo on this version in the Top 50 solos all time. Great credit to a true virtuoso!

  23. Purdonnnnn1873 says:

    @sebz661 You named an underrated band and so did I.

  24. sebz661 says:

    @Purdonnnnn1873 exactly my point. what does Riot have to do with this??

  25. Purdonnnnn1873 says:

    @sebz661 What does “Jay-Z” have to do with this?

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