UFO-Ovnis(4-5)The Best UFO Cases Ever Caught On Tape.mp4


  1. Jinmane says:

    08:50 They should have got this guy to comment on the “tether incident” footage.

  2. t5239857289578947594 says:

    “…what can you tell me about Alpha Centuri.”LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

  3. XtremeDance10 says:

    I’m sure we will be seeing them in reality soon face to face, only reason why were not seeing them day to day & obviously not face to face yet and on the news with the disclosure, its cause the government area 51 & the vaticans are not letting us know about it and not letting them come here to tell us the truth.. but we will get to see them face to face and get the truth out about everything 2010 this yr is the first contact and their coming without permission. they are pissed off, It’s a guess

  4. jamesloves2sing says:

    3’00 its an oreo cookie lol….

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