UFO Orbs in Catalonia, Spain – August 18, 2011

source: www.youtube.com aren’t these some yummy orbs?!?


  1. kingmanekin says:

    @mrbigtex Of course nobody has any bases about this matter. Do you think Fox Mulder is here? ;p
    But I think my opinion is not preposterous always.

  2. SniperStorm7 says:

    Maganisuim Flares

  3. mrbigtex says:

    @kingmanekin…There’s that one small word that your basing a whole theory around, “If” which has too many variables to base anything against. If they could or If they couldn’t, both have the same value, a whole lot of not much.

  4. mrbigtex says:

    @californyaeh…Who do you think you are? King nothing? You’re posting on an open forum free for anyone to comment such as yourself or your adversary. I have simply made the observation that you have taken a short comment with one derogatory word and blew it out of proportion. If you do not like someone pointing out your hypocracy, don’t post it. You have not explain or justified anything. Though I do have to say that through your postings, your intelligence level is showing.

  5. blacklifemedia says:

    @californyaeh the only reason you call for peace and love is because you are afraid. you won’t call for that unless you feel threatened….

  6. californyaeh says:

    The trait ..

  7. californyaeh says:

    @mrbigtex Who are you anyway ? Mr goody two shoes ..
    I was making a point that not knowing someone and calling them names was very easy pushing the tray far.. then i explained my comments, read back then try to figure it out , finally mind your own bees wax ..!!

  8. kingmanekin says:

    @mrbigtex I don’t know where they came from. but at least, if they couldn’t surpass the light speed, they are not here, (unless they came from our solar system) this means they can leap to the past according to the theory of relativity. In a word, alien and time-travelers are almost same as for the possibility. So I think they are time-travelers because of their attitude like observer. Do you think that all aliens are silent observer? I don’t think so.

  9. mrbigtex says:

    @californyaeh…Unless I have missed something here, they (tylerdurden666able) made one post and labeled you and idiot. On the other hand you have made at least three in response to the one and insulted them, their mother, their father, used foul and crude language on open forum and then you speak about respect, acceptance, and a better world. Sorry to say, the only way I see that is hypocritical on your part. Why are you so thin skinned and upset by their one rude comment?

  10. mrbigtex says:

    @kingmanekin…Labeling something as alien is more reckless than labeling something as from the future? I’m curious to know how anyone would reach that conclusion.

  11. californyaeh says:

    Now maybe you will respect me and my views since it seems this is the only language you understand or you’ll realise insulting ppl do not setve any purpose .. to the contrary !! If we all live in acceptance of each other with our differences maybe it’ll be a better world , no need to be god believer to know that..!!

  12. californyaeh says:

    @tylerdurden666able with your 666 you’re the one believing in god and devil , i don’t , i believe in humans and in what is best in them! You’re the idiot obviously and you are probably fantasizing on Pitt F ing you in ways only a homo can think of , so fuck you and eat my shit ..

  13. californyaeh says:

    @tylerdurden , first think for yourself of a name not cinema crap , second why don’t you go fuck your mother and dad instead of calling me an idiot you son of a whore..
    If you look at the world then you’ll see it is all that is needed not need to read no bible to understand that you dumb fuck

  14. tylerdurden666able says:

    @californyaeh haha, idiot, read your bible new ager

  15. crlwllns says:

    Look folks, “if you really want to know, what this is all about”. Google ‘aboutglasstunnels’. Look for, “THEY LIVE, in the Skies”! Then, on the list, go to the 9th selection where there’s ‘3 ***’. The dark reality grid is coming down & is being replaced by these light ones. While it’s of highly esoteric nature, & only happens every 900,000 years or so, it’s all o.k.! As long, as You, aren’t a Satanist. The dark orbs obeyed their masters. And soon, there are none!

  16. draperskitchen says:

    return of the annunaki

  17. wdisney9000 says:

    I hope they bring back Elvis!!

  18. ebillyboi says:

    Makes you wonder where the main mothership is if true ….parked behind a moon somewhere.
    Point the infra red cameras put up by nasa.
    ….what is goin on?….chinese lanterns or not

  19. colandshelley1410 says:

    is this the uk if so where?

  20. JokersFunHouse says:

    Its Google drones spying on us

  21. archeologycom says:

    Better check this video before you think you know something about ufo ! Links: watch?v=R9veMGPsfiQ and second link:watch?v=OmQyJLUhDZc&featu­re=related ,”Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” – this said our Saviour Jesus christ in hebrew: Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Matthew 7:15, King James Bible

  22. seeingUFOsPA says:

    enakidu in Madrid got them too in Spain… Sorry folks, I’m not inclined to label the sneaky punks as “space brothers” until they come down and do a meet-and-greet and share some of that technology or do stuff like fix the Fukushima disaster. Hey ETs, ENOUGH of the “Here we are. See how awesome we are” displays already…

  23. stealthwavef22raptor says:

    you get some good stuff. you always impress me

  24. Ganseblumchen12 says:

    German and American have been making UFOs for years.

    They might use them as weapons and blame it on aliens.

  25. JorEl7771 says:

    I’ve seen light orbs/UFOs in my area. Maybe we will see them appear wolrdwide in 2012. Time will only tell.

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