UFO mystery solved? – Was 1947 Roswell New Mexico Crash a Russian Spy Plane instead of UFO?

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  1. Opinionator52 says:

    I’m open for things believable. Logic tells me this ain’t it. We had entryways to this country under close watch, a flying wing that size with 2 jet engines that size wouldn’t have a great deal of range, and a carrier couldn’t get very close to New Mexico. Also the story said Saucer, a very different shape. I think even rural New Mexico folk would recognise Russian leters in that era. If put some faith in the witnesses and retired whistel blowers I think among them we’d have truth! PEACE


  2. Metalicalypse says:

    Sorry but this is not a fucking U.F.O this is completely identified you fool.
    Horten Ho 229,german WWII projects.

  3. kcran5671 says:

    Nobody buys this guys disinfo or that womans book. At best, the Russians had tech parity with the USA. The US knew all about flying wings back then. This is made up disinfo. The REAL people who were credible eyewitnesses saw a manta ray shaped craft with no engines and a smooth body (no holes) and 7 humanoids. Even the Germans didnt have antigravity yet, or they wouldve took over the world. Just another theory or disinfo.

  4. arisfr says:

    first stealth german airplane do researth before uploading ….

  5. davidjonjohn says:

    you suck

  6. walitung says:

    Bullshit !!! Roswell was real dummie !!!

  7. diballynibally says:

    Vote Ron Paul or at least hear what he has to say!

  8. Greenhornet270 says:

    totally B.S. Thats a Norton flying wing

  9. Tw1st3d167 says:

    @thelighting90 I agree

  10. Tw1st3d167 says:

    This is bull their juss tryin to cover up the fact of what really happened…. He says possibly way to much

  11. ItsMindTrippping says:

    I dont know about the picture. I did live and work in Roswell /Radio. I worked at KBIM TV and interviewed an ol boy ,, who said, “” I say those people things, and don’t care what people say “” He did not mention a craft.. just the people things .

  12. merlinab88 says:

    Maybe you should look on the FBI website, go to vault, type in guy hottel, it’s been disclosed already, however some have’nt see the doc where it details 3 saucer craft and alien bodys retrieved around 3 ft tall, old news, but freedom of info acts ect allow this doc to be seen,,,don’t panic even with the false flag invasion set for sept will be seen for what it is, back engineered craft used buy our militarys, some of you may of seen this circulating, around the web, hilarity at its finest.

  13. thelightning90 says:


  14. iluvmuppets1 says:

    The tension between USA and the ussr was very high after the war. The two were very suspicous of each other. This very sounds reasonable, a communist spy plane over a American army base during a time of high tension sounds right. The mutation thing not so much.

  15. PandaPooh says:

    Sorry that object in the image isn’t 50 feet in diamater..

  16. M3joog1 says:

    i just saw an alien!! its too big and ugly!! i’ll send u the pictures… or u can just look in ur pants (that would work if ur a guy!) and all the ladies out there… i can pay u a visit! 😀 hahaha

  17. jmdl76 says:


  18. playerkyle13 says:

    Fuck U America piece of shit (I mean the govement not the public)

  19. 1939PlymouthRatRod2 says:

    Garbage what about the little grey men.

  20. Leok450 says:

    Well apparently here, in the newest popular science magazine, it says that Stalin got technology form the Nazis at the end of WW2 and also made 2 or so mutated mentally challenged teens. Like the somehow made them look like aliens or so lol.

  21. MrCrazyKool says:


  22. Clinthox521 says:

    if you guys played rf online this would look familiar.

  23. TJMonster51 says:

    That book is BS. There is no proof of any of it. Spy plane or not. NO proof either way.

  24. 4nt4christ says:

    Hahaha! Its a Luna Park spaceship!!

  25. ScozzariSimone says:

    Why STUPID PEOPLE love to spread this fake shit?!
    Its a german Horton III with wings removed, come on people!!!
    Take a look to the original pic: search on google image “Horton III Plane” and you will find it showing the side with wings cutted away 😉

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