UFO mainstream news coverage MASS SIGHTINGS WORLDWIDE what is going on?!

Is this contact? – www.exploringinfinity.com Thanks to fidockave213 for making this video. Or is this project blue beam? Is it aliens? Secret government projects? Weapons Tests? Space Wars? WHAT IS GOING ON?!! Please share this video, let’s make it go VIRAL. What the heck is going on in our skies? Is this a set up? Is it for real?! Find out more www.exploringinfinity.com
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  1. Hinkocco says:

    @Expl0rati0n witch ones are fake? Im not having ago at you, i just want to know.

  2. TEAMPNUS says:

    The really dramatic music doesn’t help this video at all, it sounds like a fucking movie trailer…

  3. pstaraki says:

    has anyone visited the link? LOL!!!!!! if you haven’t you should! it makes for a good laugh

  4. Expl0rati0n says:

    If there are any real clips there, they’re mixed up with A LOT of fake clips. It’s a shame they put them in with the obviously fake ones. I’d take it a lot more seriously if whoever made this video didn’t do that.

  5. sneakystef says:

    umm…why hasnt anyone thought about the fact that this video is basically advertising a survival book which asks for money? bit suss, no?

  6. thesupersoulja says:

    Wouldnt it be funny if it was just other human beings traveling back in time an trying to help us understand whats going on or might happen>? Cuse thats a wormhole with the swirl

  7. coldplayandoasis says:

    WOW the jerusalen thing was amazing :O

  8. gbabs1000 says:

    cool but not aliens

  9. TheJacketpotatoman says:

    yeah, this stuff’s creepy

  10. 14amyobrien says:

    this is so fake

  11. sideshow4114 says:

    @LetsPlay244 Hi , The music and artist is written in the description under the likes and dislikes under the video. I Love it too. It’s perfect for alien stuff lol. Gives me goose bumps lol.

  12. GilesArmstrong says:

    there can never be peace. without killing. not everyone wants peace unless u want to remove them there will never be peace.

  13. sideshow4114 says:

    @LetsPlay244 Hi , The music and artist is written in the description under the likes and dislikes under the video

  14. EddieLineage2 says:

    just invite them down for a few beers, no worries!

  15. loveorfear12 says:

    @Clifton2k9 your a rookie to this shit keep studying though

  16. Clifton2k9 says:

    @loveorfear12 you’re think as fuck if you don’t know stuff about em, where the fuck did the tech come from on the time line. there is a 1000 year gap.. people say the aliens (gods) came down i taught us how to do things.. they came down as soon as we created fire…… think….. things connect together.

    Nahhh dont be a internet solider… cuuzz you know jack shit. i study the pyramid and the pictures show a alien giving a gift to RA on the wall… if you like i can inbox it you..

  17. loveorfear12 says:

    @alwebste funny that you say that,because the caller is an actor so its actually a prank call

  18. loveorfear12 says:

    @Clifton2k9 lol something to do with the pyramids shut up you dont know shit

  19. gingasnap1993 says:

    @montiel712 lmao xD fuck megatron lets get ratchet n ironhide n well kick ppls ass man xD

  20. gingasnap1993 says:

    n u cant see a black hole….dumb bitch

  21. gingasnap1993 says:

    1:07 looks like a gient fuckin nipple lol stupid shit

  22. murphy1337 says:

    @The0neLove Well then you gotta ask yourself, is Earth really a good indication of the universe? I mean…I agree…for us to push ourselves it seems conflict and competition are necessary, but maybe we’re missing something. I just don’t like the thought that war is inevitable..I think that sets up the mindset that it’s inescapable. No one really needs to kill each other, to me it seems more of an excuse than a truth.

  23. IlanKingLL says:

    I think we should form 1 world goverment .. thet Brazil,USA,Canda will be controld by the usa. Asia should be controld be russia , the middel east should be controld be israel. and all the small island in the world should be controld be austrlia

  24. The0neLove says:

    @murphy1337 Yeah I get your point about peace, but history has proven time and time again that it’s impossible to maintain peace. even in the natural world, peace doesn’t exist, at least not for long. War is the motivation for us to create new more advanced technology. I’m not a war monger or anything though, I just think that’s the reality we live in.

  25. montiel712 says:

    6:43 transformers! 😀

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