UFO Hunters:The Nasa Files (Part 1 Of 5)

UFO Hunters: Investigates Whether NASA Knows More About UFO’S Than Being Said And Whether Their Covering It Up….
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  1. CpsLock3 says:

    @starboybillysynth Feminist is the worst of this sin.

  2. dastru3f0rm says:

    @starview1 so you think that ufo/alien travels speed per light just to observe earth ? we all dont know the truth but i know the fact that they are here for reasons.

  3. SuperPooh80 says:

    limited budget hahaha.

  4. Burnz2much says:

    @starboybillysynth Thats like being upset the leg does what the brain tells it to do, the military is just an extension.. I was there..

  5. khizarsafwan1 says:

    Ufo’s not any more now but these have identified

  6. ross817 says:

    @timelessinterval I don’t think I could have said that better, myself.

  7. ross817 says:

    I think it’s amazing how we’re still calling them “UFOs”.

  8. timelessinterval says:

    The dumb Americanised presentation of this TV show really detracts from any shreds of truth it may uncover. Who can take these guys seriously when they’re presenting themselves in such a moronic intro sequence? We need a UFO show that takes itself, and its audience, seriously, and doesn’t constantly feel the need to appeal to channel-surfing hicks.

  9. Quivna says:

    @bernalaso you other videos on your profile are making the one that could be real look fake

  10. FezTickle says:

    id believe seeing a ufo in space over a ufo seen on earth

  11. bernalaso says:

    if you want to see a real ufo viedo look for lights over san jose (ufo)

  12. hellfrost333 says:

    god stop falling prey to all this made up bull shit you want proof of extraterrestrial life go look in a F-ing mirror like seriously take a moment to think about just how alienated humans are from this planet imagine just for one´╗┐ second a world void of human interference and how perfect it would be seriously stop to think about the explanation given to us about how we came to be here because if you really look at it you will find some major holes in the story they told us

  13. starview1 says:

    @The3rdPlateau perhaps, but then, to date , the Phoenix V (triangle) event is most likely considered to have been a advanced human mfg. machine. A military test ,ongoing, of human response and perception to such an extrodinary vehicle,something spawned from the likes of DARPA and/or someother deeply hidden program.Such a machine would be the gun in a knife fight on a world scale.A super peace keeper inthe right hands, a terror device in the wrong hands- Hence the cloak of secrecy,clandestinity

  14. The3rdPlateau says:

    @starview1 Actually, many of them seem to want to be seen. The phoenix lights, for example. Also, there have been many many cases during which people would shine a flashlight or laser pointer at a UFO, and the UFO would respond to the light. So, yes they do respond to human behavior, and I’m pretty sure their purpose is to be seen by humans…of course, keeping in mind that there is more than 1 civilization visiting, and they probably each have their own intentions.

  15. superzip42 says:

    i miss this show :'(

  16. TrixXxtaR says:

    Anyone else find it funny how Bill is sitting in front of an Alienware Laptop? xD

  17. sander4211 says:

    does “unidentified FLYING object” still apply in space? isent flying an earth based concept? you know with wings and air going past it?

  18. killerofporn says:

    is this would be top secret they wouldnt post it on tv O.o thumbs up if nasa is behind this program

  19. Cresey87 says:

    @burninghalls To be honest with you thats exactly what my dad said, and he’s a theoretical physics.

  20. burninghalls says:

    need to make like a civilian owned nasa and go searching ourselves lol that would rule

  21. olie4054 says:

    ET has cheesebuger?

  22. VourPT says:

    Ice particles an explanation for fools believe.

  23. kiddy555 says:

    Of cause they covered it up,they didn’t want us citizen to known the truth.I guess they known about UFO exist but didn’t want to admit it and hiding it…

  24. azianberry says:

    @electronicchronic i think they are drug dealers

  25. electronicchronic says:

    I know some aliens. They sell me bricks of white powder.

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