UFO Hunters — S03E02 – Underground Alien Bases

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  1. hogcreek49 says:

    this episode,got me in the mood to play Fallout 3.
    also if you Reeaaallyy want to know more about,Dulce read “THE DULCE WARS:UNDERGROUND BASES & THE BATTLE FOR PLANET EARTH”.
    By Branton,Introduction by commander X. its a short book it tells alot about how this guy Costello stole a lot of film and documents from the base,the book will lead you to other books.

  2. therealdjcammONUTUBE says:

    the old dude with the sunglasses really pisses me off. he’s so gullible its a joke…

  3. etcpool says:

    & why pat ‘s so overact in this episode….

  4. etcpool says:

    america is just the second german, the same alien team just moved to us since world war.

  5. anabolicErik says:

    This is crazy, the ancient aliens episodes on the history channel also talk about these underground bases and so does Jesse Venturea’s conspiracy theories… However, the guy that really takes the cake is Phil Schneider. You have seriously got to check out what Phil Schneider has to say…

  6. TheLast1LeftAce says:

    all this stuff is not so farfetched honestly……movies let small truths out so when the day comes those who can strech they minds wont be shocked…….n all this is why they cancelled the show this started the dwn fall truth will never be uncovered all u can do is laugh and be understanding

  7. stevobrazil says:

    I love how every “eyewitness” in this is so quick to insist that they know for a fact, not only the existence of, but the precise locations of tunnels and ventilation ducts on or around the mesa, but when pushed for physical evidence, there’s simply and conveniently nothing to be found. I could only laugh at old Bill’s attempts to work out the exact nature of experiments being conducted on level seven of a base that hasn’t yet been found to exist. The perfect idiot! Very entertaining, however.

  8. cdiaz3827 says:

    Pat is the only rational one.

  9. p1rated4videoz says:

    Fallout 3 😀

  10. AmirsDilema says:

    Pats an Ass

    • Charo says:

      Hi Greg,Glad to see Radio Misterioso is back in business! Altogether a fantcnaiisg show with Farah Yurdozu. I was especially interested in her take on the underground cities in Turkey which have always intrigued me. It seems that the Turkish mythology surrounding the cities is not unlike Mac’s crypto hypotheses.I envy your visit to that part of the world! Did you get to see Cappadocia?Best,Dia

  11. thezoan says:

    This is the episode that led to the show’s cancellation

  12. coldswagger0015 says:

    pat uskert is just trying too hard to be professional with all that evidence its so hard for him to believe 1

  13. dinosquadman says:

    the one who disliked this must be the human that got experimented by aliens

  14. MegaModKing says:

    lmao in the intro everyone is like working hard, then bill just gives the camera a look lolololol

  15. MegaModKing says:

    im just sad that im not gonna live to see the day when humans stand next to the alien races of some kind of federation

  16. merpeople12 says:

    You can’t really prove or dis prove Dulce, until some group finds a way to sneak into the dulce base and video tape everything online, So everyone can see whats going on and see if its fake. But even still, they would have to find a way to get down to the second level. Sometimes, you just have to break some rules and just explore the crap and see if you can find the info. As well if there isn’t a base and they prove their isn’t anything then they disproved it.

  17. Viccification says:

    @MrDaranel true..

  18. 48alfaone says:

    “WHO KNOWS WHAT IS POSSIBLE”? Just 150 years ago people thought Radio Waves, Gasoline, Electricity & Human Flight was impossible, crazy talk! Even 100 years ago 99.9% of people did not believe in Germs, that something you can’t see is only dumb religion. “But”, i think many in this episode may have smoked to much Peyote, or drank to much Bad Fire Water? Also, where’s the thousands it would take to build these “Huge” underground base’s? Some UFO’s, definitely real, but slow down boy’s.

  19. endrikat7 says:

    WE will never know the 100% truth, the US government still refuses to tell us some information all the way back to the American Civil War

  20. goenisse says:

    14:50 Reptilian-Humanoid beings? :O David Icke was right! 😛

  21. PMnews1 says:

    This info is coming from John Lear. That in itself is enough to “prove” this is bull crap! Lear is a disinfo agent! There are real UFOs but since this comes from John Lear the Dulce Base crap with aliens is 100% bull crap! Something is going on at Dulcy but much of what we are being told is crap!

    Gabe Valdez makes sense. This is some kind of government crap. Humm.

    And low and behold they find no base at Dulce.

  22. joshgura says:

    i dont get it, if a base is secret how in the world can people expect it to be revealed on a television show? if there is a secret, its not going on tv.

  23. rakistah091 says:


  24. MrDaranel says:

    i dont like this new kevin guy they should have kept the other skeptic

  25. mistermassive1 says:

    I wonder if this is the reason the show was cancelled so quickly? They are showing the government bunker, one of thousands the US people paid for just to keep the very rich safe and warm in case the nation finally rebels against those who ran the country into the ground with financial robbery. There is way too much info. out there and it would seem as long as the networks make UFO talk the BIG BROTHER is OK with that but as soon as you point out that they think they are better than all of us!

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