UFO Hunters — S03E01 – Giant Triangles(FULL)

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  1. videobenji says:

    haha i hate the new guy

  2. stefonsk8z says:

    Sometimes I hate Production decisions. Why in the world did they have to replace Ted with this new guy Kevin!? if anything, INCLUDING him in the group rather than REPLACING Ted altogether, would have done much better!….. Ted was the Scientist about the subject matter and simply let the evidence prove what they found can be consider Unidentifiable or Identifiable. This guy Kevin’s just Just an all out sceptic! (GOD DAMMIT) >_<

  3. echizenn808 says:

    *the greys

  4. echizenn808 says:

    Tbh , I always hear about triangles and lights formations more than saucers …I beilieve these are what’s real…same with the 3 foot aliens they always mention;the frets where their suspected solar system was first found by that famous abduction b4 being discovered by astronomers.

  5. kevo8t6 says:

    Kevin is a sceptic and thats a good thing he is breaking down the evidence,how is he giving disinformation out when hes just saying the facts as far as i can see.They need people like that on these kind of shows otherwise it would be all bullshit.

  6. TheMarineGuy4000 says:

    kevin is a disinformation agent….

  7. ThleTruth says:

    thye need the cuts in the wings…

  8. ThleTruth says:

    the witness reports r the best

  9. ThleTruth says:

    @Crayz33Hors3 lol…maybe, but i doubt it, ive never heard of aircraft like that…

  10. Crayz33Hors3 says:

    Funny I could swear that I saw one at about 2am in the morning at RAF Northolt in the UK. It had three white lights at each corner and a giant red orb in the middle. I still say to myself this was an American Aircraft.

  11. Morwekful says:

    @hockey4js you’re a retard but tru blacks need to die 😉

  12. MrToddino says:

    @hockey4js thnx

  13. mrdrumsauce says:

    @hockey4js he doesn’t ever seem to scrutinise the evidence and ask reasonable questions. Many UFO stories are BS, told be people who are desperate for attention, apparently you’re willing to believe anything. The point of this series is to provide credible evidence, by credible I mean information that is properly evaluated from ALL angles, so to keep with the spirit of your reply… eat shit you moron

  14. hockey4js says:

    @hockey4js assuming your not a nigger mrtoddino because if you are than 4q2 was well because niggers suck bro… by the way earth should get rid of all nigger and/or put niggers in cages, the minute niggers are gone the world would have less crime, murders, and watermelons/chickens. That is all.

  15. hockey4js says:

    @mrdrumsauce fuck you ya prick, bill has had his own experiences and when it comes to ufos any story may sound ridiculous. But you have to give the benefit of the doubt to the eye witness.

  16. hockey4js says:

    @MrToddino i agree mrdrumsauce is a complete fucking asshole nigger faggot, thumbs up to you mrtoddino my good sir!

  17. nottzlad2k11 says:

    Kevin Cook is gay

  18. incman12 says:

    I live in Northern Cali and I’ve had 3 sighting…One over the trinities while i was on a ridge near Whiskeytown Lake, 2nd, over Redding, and then another that streaked across the sky and was reported all the way to Bakersfield…

  19. MrToddino says:

    @mrdrumsauce your calling MY comments dumbfuck

  20. mrdrumsauce says:

    @MrToddino i would but then you and bill would think it’s alien life form and try to have sex with it, keep your dumbfuck comments to yourself

  21. MrToddino says:

    @mrdrumsauce go shit yourself you faggot

  22. philwowo says:

    Bill you make me laugh!

  23. philwowo says:

    Does Bill have proof! Does he hell!

  24. mrdrumsauce says:

    I’m really tired of Bill’s willingness to believe any piece of shit theory that some bends over and squeezes out in front of him. I’ve never seen him be skeptical of any story… no matter how fucking ridiculous. I can now understand why History channel discontinued this series. They made a move in the right direction by hiring an engineer, now they need to replace Bill with someone who can actually speculate intelligently instead of always jumping on the band wagon. Bill you suck balls.

  25. rocksinmouth says:

    why do i bother with these shows. they never have anyting new that surprises me. just a bunch of blurry videos and nonconclusive eye witnesses. ancient aliens is where it’s at!

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