UFO Hunters – Military Vs UFOs 1_1

In this UFO Hunters video clip, we see that two British radar systems picked up a flying object in 1957. The team believes that It was a UFO not a phantom image


  1. researchOne23 says:

    @CookieMonzta1995 their plan started a long time ago, the plan all along is to create a world for humanity so that thay may enslave themseves. And they succeeded. The darker forces in charge of the ones on top know and there’s a plan for them too. Religion and the money system the cause of ruen, follow the trail back and don’t bring it into mans future is the path to follow. Truth involving logic is the focus needed.

  2. CookieMonzta1995 says:

    @DIEGO5KILLJOY What when they have weapons probably 1000-10000x more powerful? I doubt it.

  3. CookieMonzta1995 says:

    @researchOne23 But if they imprisoned us on this planet wouldn’t that make them just as bad for controlling a species? I bet if these civilizations do exist at one time they probably fought each other and caused destruction. We just need time to learn and get rid of the corruption within this hell hole we call Earth.

  4. ilgtadio says:

    @SonicGold34 at 1:18 OR SOMETHING HE TOOK OF his glasses for a second…

  5. popamon451 says:

    1 person thinks its a lighthouse

  6. DIEGO5KILLJOY says:

    what if there going to take weapons and use it against us

  7. Xzibit4you2see says:

    @SonicGold34 I believe he has an eye disease and continuously blinks…

  8. SonicGold34 says:

    will bill ever take off his glasses?

  9. MrGreg433 says:

    The History Channel has great show, UFO hunters is a good show, but sometimes they border paranoia. I believe in alien spacecraft not UFOs. At this point in history I think we know what a plane, a helicopter, a balloon, a bird or bug looks like in the sky. It’s so obvious – Chariots of the Gods, again.

  10. MPDeventer says:

    I dont get the scientific approach, making a model with the farm and lighthouse… They were in the field, just wait till nightfall and see what it looks like. Let me just say “i believe”, but i dont believe that the highest ranking officer on the base goes on paroll in the woods.

  11. jetsonic69 says:


  12. TheApertureScienceDR says:

    Seriously 24:14? Is it just me guys or did they use the teleporting sound from Second Life.. W..T..F.. Lol

  13. sharkcellar says:

    The editing and music (especially the theme) are embarrassing.

  14. TheGamesNETWORK says:

    this is bs, if the government was only making these themselves and they arent from alien origin, then why is it still kept secret, and why are we still seeing flying saucers today?

  15. Peroxide055 says:

    You know that people are gonna pass it off as a weather balloon smh :/

  16. mashmusic11235 says:

    A linguistic fact: you can’t decipher the meaning of something in an unknown language with six symbols, one of which is likely an emblem or semanto-phonetic pictograph (something akin to a Chinese character). That’s like trying to decipher the English language from the word ‘RIVER’ and a ‘no parking’ sign…
    Good luck with deciphering it…
    I know this isn’t really related to the episode, just sharing a thought.

  17. davidbaldo says:

    My dick is 12 inches long. Just trust me. I’ve seen it. I have pictures and everything. I have a written testimonial from a certified M.D saying, “12.2312 inches”. If you’re skeptical, then you’re just ignoring the facts

  18. Severe777 says:

    Some conspiracy theorists believe the Cold War was just a front to keep the public’s attention away from UFOs.

  19. Severe777 says:

    Roswell New Mexico also aligns perfectly with Mount Sinai from the bible in a 33 degree angle. Mount Sinai is where 200 fallen angels landed from the heavens. If fallen angels look like fucking aliens riding in flying saucers, then just imagine what “god” and his angels look like…

  20. Severe777 says:

    Damn… this is like some shit off the X files.

  21. Severe777 says:

    Damn… someone died chasing a ufo? These aliens don’t play.

  22. radioclash81 says:

    I loved this show–I have the first two seasons on DVD. Does anyone know why they stopped production of it? Anyway, right now I’m reading UFOs by Leslie Kean, and I’m still looking for Richard Dolan’s second book in my local bookstores.

  23. MessiahYeshuaLives says:

    Its starts in the scene with Kerra Knightly in an almost close-up.Now,as soon as the scene changes from Johnny Depp to Kera,hit pause! The white orb is on the left side of the screen,half way from the edge of the t.v. to her head.It is hard to see.Hit pause over and over and rewind until you find it. It also continues to the other side of the screen,on the other side of her head.It is when they are on the island,on the beach and I think Orlando Bloom is kneeling down in front of the chest.

  24. eternall808 says:

    @Jmaster677 Oh yes, i noticed this also….

  25. JDM96ACCORD says:

    @MessiahYeshuaLives can you tell me the exact scene its in, have the movie but dont see anything

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