UFO Hunters Bob White case

More Background…..ufoevidence.conforums.com Bob White is the only known UFO witness to have been able to acquire a solid physical evidence that was dislodge from a UFO craft. His integrity was also able to pass three conclusive polygraph tests in different periods of years . The object in question looks more like a silver fossil seed pod cone shape, with a snake scale pattern made of a solid metal. This object was metallurgically tested with NID, isotope abundance test, and other elements and chemical test; involving nuclear physicists, advance material metallurgist, maser/laser scientists and etch….from renown New Mexico Tech, MIT and other highly qualified institutes (about 8 labs known). All the basic test alone have common conclusions of 22 elements found which is an anomaly and the fact of its uncontrolled cooling property of it’s material is also an anomaly (not mentioned in the documentary). Over the years debunkers are convince that it is man-made, being 360 Aluminum. But this alloy does not contain elements other than aluminium, silicon, etch….and still missing 20 plus other elements/chemicals…..too many differences in chemical make-up. Another claim by debunkers is that its found in nature (base on its looks) as a geothermal aluminum which any geologist and metallurgist will tell you is impossible for aluminum base alloy (including silver to make a super conductive metal) therefore a far way too precise mix of other elements including beta gamma neutron


  1. experimentfive says:

    He swears a lot. I’d love to hear the uncensored version without all the beeps.

  2. larrycekander says:

    we are still doing tests on the object. the army file is 202085 cic..you can see them at the black vault.

  3. WTFtheyhide says:

    I do not see evidences of the existence of ALIEN SPACESHIPS. I see a foundry electrode that you can see if you search in google “Bob White Object + foundry electrode”. It’s literally impossible to talk about “strange elements” just because the period table has everything that was created in the stars. So, I think it’s a HOAX.

  4. Sojio says:

    @CurTandoh I agree. There are credible docos out there but they are largely outnumbered by silly over-dramatized rubbish.

  5. CurTandoh says:

    @Sojio Hmm, well you do make some very good points actually, although I would really like to get that object to get it tested for myself. Some of the UFO documetaries do give some credible evidence, such as this one, but they fail to back it up with credible data and what scientists worked on it.

  6. Sojio says:

    @CurTandoh I just find that in all of these doco’s nothing anyone says seems to be substantial. The Bob White object just looks like metal slag. The video of them drilling the safe when the door is obviously already open. How do we know those are real x ray films?

    I have personally seen what i’d consider a UFO but after watching docos like these no wander there are sceptics.

  7. CurTandoh says:

    @Sojio Why do you say that?

  8. SkepticalAaron says:

    Sweet bullshit story to explain how he obtained a grinding guard stalagmite from a foundry…

  9. xTheDeathSaintx says:

    alien vibrator, it short circuted n blew off n the sky pussy. case solved

  10. Sojio says:

    Got to love it how there isn’t really any proof just a whole lot of talking about nothing in particular.

  11. Sojio says:

    I call bullshit.

  12. thoostorm4 says:

    @jizzmorph you might think this is funny but your laughter shows your stupidity

  13. simmagnus says:

    It is likely spent waste fuel from a cold fusion reactor. As low energy nuclear reactions occur within the metal there are elemental transmutations. These transmutations are naturally confined within the metal piece. According to our current understanding of this science, hydrogen will be required. Does anyone know if Hydrogen was detected? The Stephen Michalak UFO involved ionized superheated gas and I believe UFO crafts use the same cold fusion principles of power generation.

  14. SuperBigtoe22 says:

    brilliant stuff!!!.a propulsion system using molten metal to somehow achieve anti gravity perhaps?? the ejection of material maybe spent fuel !!

  15. FezTickle says:

    lmao the beeps sound like hes swearing

  16. o0smokingmonk0o says:

    my anal probe!

  17. PreppyPoser1 says:

    This is the real @#$%@!% deal. (damn censorships)

  18. littleneddygoestowar says:

    This artifact is identical to the “slag” left behind in Puget Sound, ufoh season 1 epi 1

  19. chronodiver300 says:


    Would not worry about that Seth guy–he would never comment on this matter. He spends his days listening to static and has done so for years.

  20. jizzmorph says:

    @worseto lolololol
    but this is proper good evidence

  21. masermaker97 says:

    has anyone but me realized that the composition of this object is almost the exact same as that of the metal that they found near the crash site in aurora texas?

  22. BearWa11ace says:

    I love how skeptics always say there is no Evidence… there’s a lot and this peice is not only interesting… but certainly thought provocing… awesome stuff.

    • Gala says:

      Actually, Obama’s keeping AZ safe from ainles. Didn’t you see the signs he put up in the desert, warning people that dangerous drug smuggling and human trafficking are taking place there? I’m sure they’ll read the signs and take precautions. Should there be any confusion, Brewer can refer them to our AG, who seems to have everything under control.

  23. wadeLAS says:

    I held this actual, specific, artifact in my own hands. It was an absolutely incredible experience.


    And no, I’m not the owner or any other interested party.

  24. worseto says:

    After Bil ,Pat and Ted did some experimenting .The relic was found to be an Alien bong , it was later returned to the grey who owned it.

  25. Koppurointi says:

    Lick my ass and Suck my dick skeptics!!! There is too much evidence!
    Bob White (The object)

    Dr Roger Lear (Implants) watch?v=Ba2pu72Yu5w

    Lloyd Pye (Starchild skull)watch?v=moEYqLdupIA

    NASA (The STS75 “Tether Incident”)watch?v=opiaznxF-B8

    Klaus Dona (The Hidden History of the Human Race)watch?v=XmMwo1Xzgus

    (Ancient UFO Paintings)watch?v=KNZ2xve0zzI

    (The Arecibo message ANSWERED? )watch?v=zbLYL7JIj8U

    (4 Hour Witness DVD)watch?v=ud49Gh9yYLs

    Information is out there.You cannot see it on TV!

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