UFO Hunters Bob Lazar case

Background: vids.myspace.com www.boblazar.com The hardest thing for Bob Lazar is that Staton Friedman claims his a ‘bunk’ or his a dis-info agent. And Friedman has a gravitational pull in Ufology and science fields. Not to mention that nearly every website…. ‘one will engine sort’, has this conviction of being against his personal record (character background). But George Knapp (very respected journalist) and John Lear (highly regarded pilot and credentials with the government) who personally witnessed the truly frightful suffering and public persecutions with humiliations of Bob Lazar after making public to his allegations and claims. And it wasn’t just your around the mill people doing it but the government themselves…..like somebody was out to get Bob and make his life miserable to the ends. And so far Bob Lazar has yet to falter in remaining consistent to his details in the 20 odd years without the need to take advantage of self importance and to even exaggerate his stories over time. So it’s hard to just dismiss his claims. Although in this light of UFO Hunters approach to his plight, they seem to put credibility enough to his story especially with 2 men with high integrity and credible background who are convinced and committed in believing in him….. cheers


  1. mafiamilitia says:

    you saw it for that long ut didnt film it

  2. Wolvve says:

    Why wouldn’t they have filmed the ufos?

  3. reedickyaluss says:

    This video is wrong, Bob Lazar never claimed to reverse engineer anything at Area 51…. He was at the S4 facility.

  4. Sternfan27 says:

    I believe him

  5. RealityDetective says:

    Supposing he is lying, he’s still doing the right things still by speaking out about things that are actually happening. – Getting the truth out there is his motivation. – If people involved in area 51 will not speak out, someone has to get the information out there in some way, perhaps the only way, because people are so conditioned that they wont believe anything unless it is on TV or coming from an insider.

  6. MURKYDEEP100 says:

    why didn’t they film the ufo?

  7. MURKYDEEP100 says:

    If there ever was ufo stuff going on at area 51, i doubt there is now. While everyone’s eye’s are fixed on a particular spot looking for something, You do it somewhere else.

  8. dbfan2scfan says:

    Again, show me the video/ audio tape where Friedman asks him questions he cannot answer. I have seen several videos of physicists with Ph Ds that have talked to Lazar and were convinced of him telling the truth.
    You do need to know someone’s motivations for lying if you have any interest in discerning the truth. I don’t think you understand that Friedman had way more motivation to lie about and attempt to discredit Lazar than Lazar had to lie about being involved in black projects.

  9. junkiron1 says:

    @dbfan2scfan I did identify what he lied about. I don’t need to know his motivations for lying. All I need to know is that he did. Any other physicists from Los Alamos National Labs come forward to say, “Yeah, I worked at Area 51 with Bob.” And just because other people are making claims doesn’t prove Lazar’s claims. Far from it but you’re right. His educational history isn’t the only problem. His knowledge of physics is a MAJOR problem.

  10. junkiron1 says:

    @dbfan2scfan  It’s not just Dr Friedman who showed Lazar to be dubious. Read the “Lazar Critique” by Dr David L. Morgan. Apparently Dr Morgan has a few problems with Lazar’s knowledge of physics as well.

    Quote “Mr. Lazar on many occasions demonstrates an obvious lack of understanding of current physical theories.” and “Mr. Lazar doesn’t seem to understand where heavy elements come from or how they are formed.” Lazar just isn’t a physicist. He’s just not credible.

    Believe him if you want to.

  11. dbfan2scfan says:

    You need to identify what he is lying about and why he would lie in the first place. His story doesn’t fall apart at all when you look at the amount of people that are giving similar accounts about black projects. Where did he get the information from then if he did not have the job and was not paid off by the higher ups?

    You’re ignoring all of the people that say that he did work where he said he worked. There’s more to the story than his confounded educational history.

  12. junkiron1 says:

    @dbfan2scfan  I never used the word “disinfo”. I said if he is what he claims he should have a diploma, transcripts, etc. Ever been to a doctor’s office? Noticed that framed thingy on the wall? Here’s a hint. Diploma. Lazar should have a couple of these laying around. He doesn’t or he’d be waving them around. His entire story is based on his alleged credentials. Without his “credentials” he couldn’t be where he claimed to be and the story collapses.

  13. dbfan2scfan says:

    Show me the taped conversation/ video where Friedmann asks Lazar basic physics problems that he could not answer. Dr. Tomas Valone of the integrity Research institute said that he had a conversation with Lazar and found him to be QUITE credible.

    Hmm… could Friedman be the one lying here? Nah… he couldn’t be lying-wait- maybe…hmm…

  14. dbfan2scfan says:

    Tell me what the disinformation in his story is. How was he trying to manipulate public opinion on the subject? In what direction did he steer public opinion? Ask yourself: are there any others presenting stories like his?

    You see I have no problem with the idea he was lying, it’s just I don’t like playing the Lawyer game and attacking someones “credentials” I prefer to attack their story. So do that please.

  15. mephisto88x says:

    he is fake….disinformation guy

  16. junkiron1 says:

    @MsHolly30 Lazar fooled a lot of people at first. It was only after people began seriously investigating him that it became apparent he wasn’t who he said he was. Even to this day there are some who still believe him. The whole “gov’t erased me” thing has credibility within the ufo community.

  17. junkiron1 says:

    @gvblk4yt A W-2 for $958.11 for all of 1989. Either he WAS washing windows or he was a physicist for two days. LOL

  18. junkiron1 says:

    @dbfan2scfan Even if the gov’t wiped out my electronic records I still have my transcripts, my diploma, my yearbooks. That’s just some of the paper records most college grads have. I also have witnesses who could verify my being there, classes I took, name my teacher, my counsellor, etc etc. Get the picture? Plus when given problems to solve related to my field I can answer them. Lazar can’t provide ANYTHING and couldn’t solve a few problems Friedmann gave him. Good story but he’s a phony.

  19. videoforyouify says:

    excellent video, thanks

  20. darkhusky88 says:

    >he has a weird past, like him being a pimp?
    Source please.

  21. realityexplorations says:

    @junkiron1 glad some of us here are awake, yup lazar obviously payed to misinform and or threatened to not tell any truth, the worst lies are those that are only half true, for example 115 does exist but its highly unstable and bearly a usable energy form. and actually has nothing to do with these unusal craft propulsion systems , lazar also contradicts himself from one interview to another,

  22. scruffylittledog says:

    @realityexplorations like a yellow strawberry…..he thinks he’s a strawberry but we all know he isn’t….tut tut….

  23. gvblk4yt says:

    He did submit a W-2 form for the dept of naval intelligence I don’t think he was washing windows

  24. jamesgambino says:

    @jgq85 yea that was the funniest thing ever. They wsaid they got so worked up they forgot to press record button. lmao scumbag liars.

  25. dbfan2scfan says:

    Guess again

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