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  1. poortuber says:

    @pizza5647 GIven that magnets create electricity , and metal is attracted to magnets then ufo’s would most probably be made from metal because they need to have a power source to fly .

  2. roquexuvia says:

    Maitreya, el instructor del mundo, esta ya entre nosotros

  3. Trinity3261 says:

    @dalep- ah ..ya….you might want to read a bible…check out Genesis 6….then read what Jesus said about how it would be at the time of His return…He said it would be ‘As it was in the Days of Noah.’ Go read it yourself. This is no surprise to those that hear what God’s Spirit is saying and read the Word. Also, Angels are always around and always have been.

  4. acizo1000 says:

    wee smartest in emotion and understanding things

  5. pizza5647 says:

    I believe in aliens but this video is bull crap because what comes into your mind when you think UFO? A fricking frisbee!!! And what is it in all of the videos??? A hovering frisbee… There has to be life forms in this huge space, but what are the chances that thy create their ships with metal and bolts just like us humans… Theyvcould have all different materials!!! They could have something that we don’t on earth!!!

  6. TheSunita19 says:

    if they are dont where are they going? : not welcome at my house!

  7. FuriousZacK says:

    @dalep3287 but the people of nasa are smart enough to handle it ?
    this does not make any sense -.- so much years ufos are flying through the earth i think they search something and the nasa want their technologies for laser weapons ore something

  8. TheLek1234 says:

    They come eat all your shitt and change u to be mickey mouse. It’s that clear. Humannnn

  9. tuxnor says:

    YEAH keep on hoping,it might take you to another planet,,noo thats jesus arriving..looool same thing ET extra testikkel.
    Pul dokker i ræva ufo idiota… How come the UFO’s are always grainy lookin in the pictures and everything else is always so clear. You people suck a big wad.
    all ufo activitets and wierd lights ended in north-norway when us military stopt heavy exercising in ,and cold war was over,.what are you smoking ?if not start smoking and you might see sevral ufo`s

  10. colintrent says:

    @dalep3287 well the vatican already admitted there could be other life out there i already know there is tho

  11. extreem573 says:

    are aliens that stupit!? cmon they do know how to come to earth but they are that stupit to crash and exppose them self… cmon lets get real its not that i dont believe it but i dont expect it to be like this

  12. stud1nna says:


  13. ThreeDaysOfDan says:

    @dalep3287 in the bible it talks about otherworldly beings , who knows maby they to belive in the same god dip shet

  14. robbboy19 says:

    were is this from?

  15. 1billion1deaths1 says:

    @dalep3287 your fucking stupid son.
    religious people kno ther intelligent beings out ther in the universe.. they dont think or asume like your dumb ass they already know.

  16. 1billion1deaths1 says:

    @93icemanx offcourse i do…and i kno that one is a fake one..
    anything that is comes from earth and is earth..iss from earth..
    i mean ther not all fake. just anything thats made out of wood or metal is usually from earth

  17. 93icemanx says:

    @1billion1deaths1 how can you be sure. do you know exactly how they appear? i dont think so ;/

  18. videohacks says:

    shitty audio, turn up volume

  19. XxChrisXx121 says:

    Im a Christian but hell i believe in things more intelligent or just as intelligent as us in space right now, god gave us more friends as i can put it or idk if their friendly or not but hell we are bring peace :)

  20. XxChrisXx121 says:

    Think about it if we tell people of the UFos then hell would break out people would freak out we wouldnt know what to do people would idk maybe kill their selfs idk but its why we are holding it back

  21. 1billion1deaths1 says:

    dam i hate fake videos.
    the only real ones are the ones that look like stars..
    any thing dark or matalic shape is man made.

  22. TwoGun79 says:

    @superfishle Occums razor!!!

  23. TwoGun79 says:

    @dalep3287 Yes, but out of chaos will rise a new and welcomed beginning. If the bible thumpers plunge into pandemonium I could give a shit. The people have a right to know!

  24. superfishle says:

    @NoriokoTheMagicSkunk How does it follow that 70k sightings=1 reality? There is a thing called evidence which is a prerequisite of establishing the reality of a phenomena. If I saw the same demon coming out of my poster 70k times, it would have been real at least once, right? Duh!

  25. superfishle says:

    @dalep3287 That’s right, Mulder lol

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