TV Report – Greifswald UFO Sightings, subtitled Part 1

On August 24th, 1990 groups of lights were spotted, videotaped and photographed above the Baltic Sea, near the City of Greifswald, Germany by hundreds of witnesses along the german and polish coastlines. Witnesses reported, the lights swapped smaller lightballs between each other, some of them were moving with high speed while most of them remained stationary for 15 to 45 minutes (reports vary). Experts said, the behaviour of the lights did not match to the characteristics of military signal flares. Although this was the only possible explanation. Sceptics and believers argued about the true nature of this event. But it was never fully revealed. Similar sightings were to follow the next years along the baltic coast. — This short video is taken from a german TV Report about the incident which was under investigation by the german Mutual Ufo Network “MUFON CES” and other organisations. I downloaded it from file sharing a while ago. Along with other videos I am going to publish in the next months. I put subtitles in it so everyone can hopefully understand what is being said. ..more 2 come..
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