The Two Most Important Crop Circles Ever Seen

Video clip is from this Jaime Maussan lecture: The reply to a message we sent into deep space in 1974 and the message for mankind that came a year to the day after receiving the reply. Inform yourself or stay in the dark……it is your choice. . . Beware of the bearers of false gifts and broken promises. . Much pain but there is still time . Believe . There is still good out there . We oppose the decievers . Conduit is closing
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  1. youneekk says:

    Harold Camping was RIGHT about May 21, click on my channel to see…

  2. fresniak says:

    @Carburoyguaso NOPE if you study the crop circles symbology it is free-masonic 100% we even have the eye of lucifer and the pyramid. You think the best an alien civilazation with advanced civilazion could do is drawing symbols in crop fields, that rather sounds a typically retarded freemasons hobby.

  3. Carburoyguaso says:


    Or the aliens really attempted to communicate by the easier ways like radio or tv signals and the government blocked it from the public and kept everyone out of the loop.

    Hence: We oppose the deceivers (message on the crops)

    Also, by doing crop circles 2 points come across… they have the capability to come in and get out before anyone can catch them, and they send the message to the whole planet, and not just to the military facilities with capabilities to receive radio signals.

  4. fuckmania07 says:

    Pleiadian&Alien&UFO = great deception from satan.

    “Repent&Believe only in Jesus before too late” or “Burn in hell for eternity”

    “Repent&Believe only in Jesus before too late” or “Burn in hell for eternity”

    “Repent&Believe only in Jesus before too late” or “Burn in hell for eternity”

    The end is coming soon. Hell is real&forever for sinners.

  5. OhmgrownCron says:

    They teach kids how to make crop circles at Camp Quest. Yes these kids are smarter than you idiots.

  6. 46Mongoose says:

    Wow we send them a message and the aliens come here and stomp in our fields with boards and ropes attached to them and display thier incredible geometry abilities.

  7. ApriLuv143 says:

    Binary code is based on mathematics. The binary code is using a system of 1’s and 0’s into language. We only discovered this system back in the 1600’s and it was then used to create our computer. In programming a computer, the information is input using a collection of this code. We also discovered that ancient people like the Mayans and Sumerians were using this long before we understood it.

  8. ApriLuv143 says:

    @VendPrekmurec The above video of the crop circle is not written in english. I can not see any english words. This video is clearly about a crop circle that was translated. I am confused as to where any english written words are in the original crop circle?

  9. fresniak says:

    @VendPrekmurec NASA = LIARS We never sent man on the moon, how can you believe them on aliens?

  10. fresniak says:

    This is human technology. Secret Military, there are no aliens out there..Do you think if they knew how to answer the radio msg of 1974 they would do it by a crop circle? Wouldn’t they send it back by radio transmission? The fact is the crop circles and the lights in the sky are made by military secret technology and they will use it soon to make the world be fooled into an alien invasion, to which they have programmed your mind to believe. And their new world order will be forced onto mankind.

  11. VendPrekmurec says:

    @ApriLuv143 i do not deny that some NASA officials say so, i believe that american gov has contants with aliens (the Saurians and their allies greys – enemies of white race ), but all just can not be true – i learned already how to recognize the truth and hoax

  12. VendPrekmurec says:

    @ApriLuv143 i did – make a research by myself. And the message was written in english – link:
    (add htt.. and ww… stuff before)

  13. ApriLuv143 says:

    @VendPrekmurec ENGLISH? The MESSAGE IS ANCIENT SYMBOLISM LANGUAGE. Did you watch the ?video? Stop being absolutely sure believers are idiots and start researching the web and you will find many high profile government officials who went forward on CNN Pressclub and interviewed with FOX and NBC. These people are NASA officials, NASA Astronauts, Air Force pilots… stated for the past 40 yrs,”we” held a vow of silence for fear of our lives. But now they feel safe to tell the public Wake TF up!

  14. VendPrekmurec says:

    so Aliens speak English language, wow just like on Enterprise

  15. RDilus says:

    they failed to hack the wpa2 key from my router they cant decode it ha!

  16. T3RRABYT3 says:

    @obookd lol. it’s ascii code. lol.

  17. kneegrowNec says:

    @LionHeart67940 have fun trying to make it perfect in 1shot

  18. xXPurpleHazeReaprXx says:

    I want to believe this but ppl are making vids here on youtube saying it was done by the government.

  19. MP312C says:

    One is an advertisement for alien pizza delivery. The pizza might be good, but it takes a very long time to get to your door.

  20. LFProject says:

    1:55 it’s PAUL thumps up if u can see that

  21. rcfreakeagle says:

    @LionHeart67940 That does not explain the molecular changes in the ground. Do some research next time, instead of watching a show that is made to make you think differently.

  22. justicepartyuk says:

    Nobody can tell the future, how can anybody say the world will end in December 2012. It seems it is publicity stunt.

  23. fuckmania07 says:

    “Repent&Believe only in Jesus before too late” or “Burn in hell for eternity”

    “Repent&Believe only in Jesus before too late” or “Burn in hell for eternity”

    “Repent&Believe only in Jesus before too late” or “Burn in hell for eternity”

    The end is coming soon. Hell is real&forever for sinners.

  24. MrJAMNJIMMY says:

    you done seen a show… You got a tv and all… you done figered it all out… cause you a sharp dude.

  25. LionHeart67940 says:

    FAKE! i seen a show how to make that, a board and string is all i need

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