The Roswell Incident pt3

Listen to first hand witness’s talking about what happened at Roswell in 1947


  1. MyVorpal says:

    I love the internet , I had this on video years but somehow it got lost . This documentery is making me think again about the whole Roswell incident !

  2. franciscojoauquin34 says:


  3. franciscojoauquin34 says:

    @drwho534 why would the milatary do that?? thats why they are lying

  4. wardy2294 says:

    Why the fuck does it look like a human?!

  5. AnimalAnimeFan says:

    @gibbsies LOL im sorry i cant stop laughing at your comment everytime i see it

  6. bazookatim says:

    2:37 Looks like a SR-71 Blackbird from front view of the craft..

  7. halliwellpiper says:

    2012 UFO heading to Earth will come back with revenge~

  8. plowboy9991 says:

    something dont add up. in other reports i seen they said the craft was hexigonal in shape and there is nothing hexigonal about that sketch on there

  9. tom19971101 says:

    WikiLeaks Got to find something about this

  10. pricture says:

    I’m sick of all the government bullshit. This is OUR planet, and EVERYONE deserves to know what thing has crashed here. Also, does anyone think that its a little odd that this happened 2 years after WW2? I’m thinking either the US was experimenting on some top secret stuff the Nazis found, or an Alien really did crash. So many secrets………

  11. MEWUKPRIDE says:

    What is his name?? dan what??

  12. drwho534 says:

    Why would the military go to such lengths to protect a research ‘balloon’??? Too many witnesses, too many similar stories/details from various people who did not necessarily know one another. Read ‘Witness To Roswell’ to get the ENTIRE story!

  13. ndkid86heart says:

    omg…i had to pause the video….this is quite possibly the most profound, yet creepiest thing i have ever seen/heard.

  14. robertdegiro says:

    the one who was alive was walking around???sure he was asked to show his passport,driving licence and blow alcohol breath test.

  15. fazehead says:

    Did it Happen?? or did the Millitary make it up to create Spy Planes against the Russians that looked like Saucers??

  16. SugarRock says:

    Its because they all saw different parts.. they did not see all the aliens as a few may have been buried in the debris and not clearly recogniseable to the entire crew, certainly not necessarily straightaway to most. After all, most of them had never seen aliens before!

  17. allflip99 says:

    They do all have things in common-“one was thrown up against the craft” (then later): “one was still alive”

  18. zzzthaoster says:

    damn, maybe those aliens were cruising while drunk and crashed ahahaha…but seriously this story is really interesting.

  19. Simdane says:


  20. newy219 says:

    ok so y does one guy say there was five aliens and just about everyone else seems to say there were 3 of them. 2 dead and one alive. also, if u watch the unsolved mysterys version they show a guy named barney somethin who claims to have seen the crash right before the military got there and that there was 4 aliiens. these all contradict the other stories. also this guy didnt mention any civilians there when he got to the crash.

  21. gibbsies says:

    7:26 and den and den and den

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