The Roswell Incident pt1

Listen to first hand witness’s talking about what happened at Roswell in 1947.


  1. fattymcstat01 says:

    I’m pretty sure were not the only biengs in this universe

  2. holder3000 says:

    Its problay a system malfuction if there was a storm there

  3. Solusaris says:

    on the fourth of july?? …fireworks…

  4. franciscojoauquin34 says:

    @franciscojoauquin34 i mean anyways

  5. franciscojoauquin34 says:

    anywasy why did they tell it to the world?

  6. franciscojoauquin34 says:

    i wonder what they are doing at area 51………….mayby their making nuclear weapons out of it

  7. 007007473 says:

    Can anyone tell me what happened in a comment I don’t want to watch a 2 part video

  8. crazyllama1204 says:

    I don’t think we’ll ever find out the truth.. There’s been so many different accounts and sightings of aliens that no one will ever believe any of it

  9. bartjoboy says:

    @Gaaminator Hit by lightning? Shot down by government anti-air weapons.. or maybe a miscalculation? even when aliens exist and have very advanced technology, it doesn’t have to mean they are indestructible.

  10. GTARogelio2 says:

    @Gaaminator the UFO came to look at us because of the manhanttan project, in new mexico,nuclear weapon and everyone heard it, they dont want this planet, it is unstable beacause it has a heavy gravity, and unstable axis because every so many years north becomes south and south becomes north, “he who can remember will be free” we are souls stuck in this prison (earth), we cant escape because of the magnegtic field, that is why they fell down, 4 “aliens” 3 died…

  11. Jim1Johnson says:

    “Human Error”

  12. pazmeister1 says:

    @natsidrukdruk /watch?v=QyInKT95eG0

  13. Roblok100 says:

    @Gaaminator It could be their own error,also It could be what Hochichin said.

  14. AlienBeliever897 says:

    The damn Government has been covering this shit up for years, and sadly, I don’t think that’s going to change…

  15. TheDakotaLad says:

    the alien looks like megamind

  16. jamesfrance94 says:

    i think if any of this was actually true, the government would be asking the author of this video where he got his info. Then the government would get rid of them for good.

    but remember we can always trust our goverment. :)

  17. mrozzdude says:

    They discovered beer?

  18. Hochichin says:

    @Gaaminator I believe it was the lightning, they got confused during the storm and hit some electrical lines and boom. crash. but that’s just my own opinion.

  19. KruzifyX says:

    they were drinking and flying

  20. mesicmo says:

    @NovusOrdo2012 good point.

  21. mesicmo says:

    @Gaaminator the most noted story is that during that time period the air force base located near Roswell NM had a strong radar system which supposedly interfered with the alien craft causing it to crash, whether this is true or not who knows.

  22. mesicmo says:

    @1337BananaL33TVostok ask the united states military.

  23. 1337BananaL33TVostok says:

    where are the materials today?

  24. DisneyFan921 says:

    hey cobra bubbles was there!

  25. Thefuktones says:

    @Gaaminator Well if you want to get technical think of it this way your iPod is a 4th generation for example even though it is the furthest thing hand held since the original grey Nintendo Gameboy it still has it’s issues which have to be fixed every now and again. What I’m trying to get at is no matter how far we/they “Advance” there is always something going to happen good or bad.

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