1. darkhawk1979 says:

    “Is it real or man-made?”

    “I ask that about sandwiches all the time.”

    A sandwich is only real if a woman makes it.

  2. fartman114 says:

    that was sweet

  3. dragonforks93 says:

    Love all the idiotic comments from gullible youtubers here, “ZOMG ALIENS DID IT YOU TWATS!” pffft, if you really believe that then you are a tool. Aliens may well exist but considering its the 21st century and we have all this great technology, you’d think that somewhere, someone would pick up on a flying object 100 foot wide landing on people’s crop fields. Other arguments like “it’s just the government trying to fool you” are equally idiotic.

  4. marcmischief says:

    @whowantsabighug It really happened

  5. whowantsabighug says:

    @marcmischief I’m scared to ask if you’re serious incase it’s a joke.

  6. MrDarkTides says:

    What a pathetic attempt to reproducer a glyph, also done in daylight. lol

    Go back to sleep sheeple

  7. 7j8i9m says:

    You might try Googling the people involved. Those claiming crop circles are too complex- some of the most complex designs were created just for television or magazine, so those involved could watch how people reacted. In each and every case, everyone believed they were genuine. The “bent” stalks (mostly a lie- they’re usually broken and people pretend), the “radioactivity” (naturally occuring or planted by the hoaxers)… it’s literally just someone with a plank and some rope. That’s it.

  8. SgtSanchez says:

    I like how many people have shown up in support of crop circles.

    I think if aliens had anything important to say, they wouldn’t tell us by bending bits of grass…

  9. spacecowboy5000 says:

    While there’s overwhelming evidence that they’re man-made, there is very little proof that they are “real”. I spent long hours researching this and almost when blind in the process. Hard evidence is on the side of man-made crop circles. Also, I find that beleivers are rather fanatical instead of being more open minded.

  10. ramorisk says:

    the fact he didn’t even address the obvious difference in complexity. what a cunt!

  11. downyourtube says:

    Look at my “father of lies” video and learn the truth of crop circles.

  12. suicidenote1 says:

    Fry is either a liar or practising the art of ‘cognitive dissonance’. Same on you, Fry!

  13. suicidenote1 says:

    Oh dear, more propaganda…
    The people are waking up!

  14. mozar56k says:

    What a weak circle. I want to see how they made the “alien face crop circle” from Aug 2002

  15. DojiSan says:

    @RoaccVideos That is what they are trying to subliminally putting in peoples head. They are wrong though, there are some genuine crop circles.

  16. RoaccVideos says:

    Implying that every crop circle is a hoax?
    I dont think so

  17. TzeffNL says:

    @androbry LOL! That’s funny! After they explain HOW they do it! go to “circlemakers DOT o r g” and start creating you own circles in your own backyard!

  18. TzeffNL says:

    Haha! I rememeber after learning about the HOAX I’ve stopped believing in UFO’s! Since then I have a peace of mind… The TRUTH will indeed set you free…!

  19. wubs23 says:

    i believe in crop circles. i also believe in aliens.

    i just dont believe that one caused the other.

  20. rbmherbert says:

    @2012TV so was it crop circles that made you crazy, or just the schizophrenia?

  21. 2012TV says:

    @rbmherbert No you couldn’t. Are you an engineer? I suggest anyone who has a brain try talking to an engineer and ask them how many days it would take to mark out and create this crop circle. This one is quite simple but it would still be very difficult at night without using any flood lights. Stephen Fry basically implied that it was made overnight but i bet anyone 100pounds that it WAS NOT. END OF STORY. this is nothing but a bullsh*t attempt to fool people. DIDN’T FOOL ME

  22. Suprahampton says:

    @Heiryz You’re not suggesting that Aliens watch QI are you? lol

  23. ceco73 says:

    Typical example´╗┐ of disinformation by the corporate media through ridiculing the truth.

    Sheeple…. enjoy!

  24. rbmherbert says:

    @2012TV actually with just a couple of people and some decent planning you could certainly make that overnight. The prank ones in the eighties certainly were- it added to the “mystery”

  25. 2012TV says:

    The No.1 important question that was not addressed on this program is: HOW MANY DAYS DID IT TAKE TO MAKE? Anybody know? Stephen Fry tried to make out that is was made over night – which i am guessing is not true.

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