The Phoenix Lights Documentary Trailer

“THE PHOENIX LIGHTS – WE ARE NOT ALONE” Producers Lynne D. Kitei, MD and Steve Lantz present their Internationally award-winning film, an in-depth examination of the mile-wide, V-shaped light formations and craft witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix and throughout Arizona on March 13th 1997. UFO buffs call it “the most documented unexplained mass sighting ever recorded.” WINNER Best Documentary (2005 International Sci-Fi & Horror Film Festival). WINNER Best Director (2005 NY International Independent Film & Video Festival). Also received three nominations for Best Documentary Feature. For complete behind-the-scenes info on the making of the documentary, visit; For more information on the Phoenix Lights event, visit; http Be sure and read “TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT” on the home page. “THE PHOENIX LIGHTS – DEBUNKING THE DEBUNKERS” – Learn more about the real facts and common myths associated with the Phoenix Lights at this link; – THIS IS A MUST-READ ARTICLE!!! DVD available at in the UFO section;


  1. TheBonehed says:

    I have a theory…the gov’t (the freemasons) have known, as has humanity for centuries that “Aliens” exist. The thought of extra-terrestial life would destroy the concept of “organized religion” a way of controlling the masses. The President is a stooge that the gov’t (the freemasons) sells to the american public your vote does not matter this is obvious after the Gore/Bush election. The gov’t was created For The People, By The People, why are we so afraid of the gov’t? Time for a Revolution!

  2. lights21002003 says:

    yess the time is now 5stars

  3. eckankar says:

    I saw these that night. I was driving home after work from Mesa to Phoenix. I was on Highway 60 and the lights came close so I pulled off the road to watch them. I could easily hear they were helicopters. So many military helicopters for years from the base by Papago park or where ever. I use to see many of the helicopters in the day time so it didn’t suprise me. Later it made such news but no one wanted to hear I heard them and they were obviously helicopters

  4. eckankar says:

    I remember this, I was driving from Mesa back to Phoenix after getting off work. I was on Highway 60 and pulled over to watch. As it went over head I could hear they were helicopters.

  5. divinemaster1 says:

    interesting comment.

  6. liventhetruth says:

    If you are skeptical and think that the government doesn’t know anything about e.t.s go find the book
    Ufos Are Real: Extraterrestrial Encounters Documented by the U.S. Government, written by Clifford E. Stone. Its all documentation and a ton of it.

  7. blackadderthe4 says:

    “I’m a pilot and was in the u.s. air force 4 years. Being in the mountains on highway 40, the night was clear and still. As the formation came towards me I stopped and got out with my binocs to check out what this was. As it came towards me, I saw 5 aircraft with there running lights and the landing lights on. They were also flying fairly slow and in the delta formation. As they went over me I could see stars going between the aircraft so it could not have been one large ship Rich Contry

  8. zardcat1111 says:

    bro, people fear the unknown.

  9. zardcat1111 says:

    Governor Fife Symington came out like 10 years later and said that it was something not of this world.

  10. Dominasta says:

    I was 16 watching this on my roof. Was amazing.

  11. samsaragx says:

    Hmmmm well it makes sense that the goverment acts like its ignoring these things… I mean how would people react? I think it would cause total chaos … let’s face it we are all scared of the unknown and I’m not saying the government should hide these things but as long as nothing is 100% clear there’s nothing else that can be done but wait and see what happens…Plus sci-fi makes things worse -_-

  12. iDIMi says:

    Thats the first Alien civilization that is going to contact us.

  13. MrPaglissi says:

    Interesting…..But whos the E-3 Airman with his face blurred out like he’s some Area 51 employee……lol…c’mon…

  14. BlackmoonUK says:

    Their stealth technology – their cloaking device wasn’t working. They didn’t realise.

  15. achojj says:

    Why would aliens not want to be seen?

  16. Andyhgn53k says:

    It was filmeds over Freemont California Dec 5th 2008!

  17. aerostockians says:

    good post*****

  18. SlickkSotiaa says:

    0:53 that would of been cool to see. Dont really care if its aliens or not…XD

  19. MrDanielmichaels says:

    Can you feel it?

    a storm is coming

  20. EFCPF says:

    it was a hologram being tested by the military to make sure people would be fooled by it before further military use. It proved successful as 1000’s of people did spot it, and were fooled.

    do you seriously think any real alien beings would make them selves so visible; i think not. Do aliens exist? of course they do, and none of them capable of building space craft like that would be stupid enough to make them selves so visible

  21. Erickvjhlaidua says:

    WOW ! Someday I Want To See Something Like That In Person 0.0

  22. Raymasaki says:

    Nmdude – i wish i saw it. But i live No where near AZ. with it that Big & making No sound they must have Technology way more advanced than ours, since we dont even know where there coming from & not sure if theres life on other Planets. so was it as Big as a city Block?

  23. NMDude73 says:

    I totally remember that night. I was walking down Bethany Home Rd., and I happened to look up and I saw 2 huge red orbs parallell to each other moving acroos the sky west to east. I had no idea what they were, but I knew they weren’t airplanes or helicopters. They were huge!! There was no sound coming from them. It freaked me out, and I said nothing to anyone until the next day when it was on the news.

  24. Mr745678 says:

    So exciting! they are slowly bringing this to the public. I just saw this on comcast news about reverse engineering ufo’s. They know, we know. soon we will all know! only aliens could build that kind of craft and move at such speeds.

  25. snowboardr9393 says:

    I live in Phoenix and I live in a house where it has a perfect view of all of Phoenix and on 1:15 I see that scenario almost every other night.

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