The Nasca Lines

BBC Worldwide short documentary from World’s Wonders series, produced by Andrew Luck and narrated by Dominic Frisby about the mysterious phenomena that are The Nasca Lines


  1. danceswithcrayons says:

    I would love to see this with my own eyes one day. What an incredible universe!! WOW

  2. NexusCool1 says:

    1:35 wtf?

  3. Hexhacker1 says:

    Right now I’m in Peru since a seen this video it makes me wonder who did this then I bought my ticket to Nasca for tomorrow.

  4. lau12345671 says:

    This nasca lines are 3000 years ago made not 2000

  5. Arnoud1987000 says:

    I do not understand how they cut off a top of a mountain ……… and for what purpose.. and how the fuck that was possible anyway ?????????????

  6. x0ticShwty says:

    I guess that’s what you do when you lived in a desert 2000 years ago.

  7. mondkult says:

    Beim Mond dachte man auch das die Krater nicht Natürlichen Ursprungs wären, weil sie Kreisrund waren, und dies kann nicht Natürlichen Ursprungs sein.

    Aber die Menschheit hat schon oft danebengelegen.

  8. Burkard says:

    our ancient gods did this…the flying horned reptilian serpent god…the light orbs who came from a higher dimension….they are atching us even today…the also do the crop circles….

  9. Burkard says:

    i can understand all the lines and petroglyphs…i decoded them all! its really ancient alien gods work….pray to the apis bull the creator of this…(apis=quetzalcoatl/kukulkan/flying horned retilian serpent from higher dimension/satan/lucifer/anunaki/imma/nommo/horus/ra…bringer of light and wisom

  10. 300crd says:

    i have my ticket for next year.
    you too ???

  11. vae26 says:

    who made this

  12. peruanoxsiempre says:

    @xwishmasterx if u like peru hehe watch the video.. planeta encantado: lineas de nazca… its in spanish but if u know spanish… nice.

  13. lokita0817 says:

    Las Líneas de Nasca de Perú!! :)

  14. steffahippie2489 says:

    cannot wait to find out about the wonders of earth when i die!!!! one thing im looking forward too about that

  15. DJsnow187 says:

    @erickfun Right then why and how are the whole mountaintops cut off?

  16. goldgmt says:

    why would ancient people create an astronaut figure if it doesn’t even exist that time?

  17. pedagogic1 says:

    Look at the Nazca Ridge / connects to Easter Island / you’ll have rethink the theory of the kon tiki voyage

  18. likesomethingfreak says:

    every year, people found a new lines in nAsca ,,,

  19. r44cker says:

    I’d suppose we’d have some more relavant evidence of that. The next thing i’m gonna hear is that they created us out of monkeys and that they will harvest us in 2012. Come on man.

  20. SurvivalWithBushcraf says:

    I like it. Made me stop and think for a minute. 5 *****

  21. scc1408 says:

    could be but I have to remind you that “the fisherman” still , till now only as an hypothesis , as many more.

  22. noskcirre083190 says:


  23. bbchbbd says:

    It’s hard to believe that many things are in that tiny trop of dropicle water man… But when I saw those aroes… i was like.. ALIENS! Its so obvious that it has to be aliens… I mean they can’t form naturally… its like a watch.. you see a watch and you know that someone made it, and you know the time… There’s a maker and a message… I see it now!

  24. DumblyBrilliant says:

    Well, in oder to qualify for that status I would have to have a brain smaller than yours and that is not possible.

    Type this in the You Tube search bar:

    Creation in the 21st Century – Nazca Lines, Inca Stones 2 of 3

    Then come out of denial mode and THINK!

  25. MrTheincredibleplum says:

    you sir are an idiot

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