The Haunted Boy, The Secret Diary Of The Exorcist (Trailer)

NOW ON DVD! A new paranormal documentary film from The Booth Brothers, (Spooked, Children of the Grave, The Possessed, Death Tunnel as seen on SyFy, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures). While filming a haunted asylum in St. Louis, Missouri, documentary filmmakers uncover a secret diary of the infamous 1949 exorcism involving a 13 year old boy possessed by the devil that later inspired the book and movie “The Exorcist”. Utilizing hi-tech paranormal gadgetry along with a legion of supernatural experts they search out to capture the scariest entity known to man, “The Unholy Ghost”. Nothing you have ever seen or heard before gets you closer to the ungodly truth of what really happened in this most terrifying, best selling story of all time! This is the untold-real story of “The Exorcist”, a chronicle of true events based on the actual priest’s secret diary the world was not to see, Until Now!


  1. camileb says:

    looking intersting… which music was used here?

  2. rusTITOrus says:

    WHERE CAN I WATCH THIS FILM…..or DOWNLOAD IT fo free pls tell tanks :)

  3. AllAboutLuna says:

    does anybody know where I could watch this online?

  4. ledZeppelin7680 says:

    anyone else think that priest would make an excellent drill sergeant?

  5. iLeoneL95 says:

    13 people Pissed by self. . .

  6. MediumDavidBaker says:

    I hadn’t watched these kinds of movies since the 1970’s. But now, because of the talents of the Booth Brothers, I am now a Fan! Their work is the best!

  7. MsMercury says:

    @greeneyessoul Nowhere. it’s for sale on dvd right now. You don’t come to the film makers channel and ask where you can get it for free!

  8. MsMercury says:

    I love the Booth brothers. I really want to work with them.

  9. kezza2727 says:

    hi, their where can i get this it looks very interesting …..can you buy it in the shops im from Australia

  10. shaandar says:

    When did you start filming this exactly?
    Good job, it was fantastic. And when you take time to watch the commentaries, the extras on the DVD, it all begins to make sense.

  11. migxp1 says:

    @ConscienciaEterea you fight against things you don’t understand, thats ok, you will find out that its real.

  12. bhindthosegreeneyes says:

    I want to see this but can’t find it anywhere for sale or for rent

  13. MRSSHEELEY2011 says:

    @SPOOKEDTV Is there a way to get this still?

  14. greeneyessoul says:

    Where can i see for free without dowload or regist anything?

  15. raidernationcali says:

    ok is this any good? anyone seen this already? also is there any real stuff in it? or is it all hollywoodized?

  16. richardkcarlton says:

    @SPOOKEDTV Yes the house in St.Louis was either in Bella Villa, or Bella Ridge, not sure. Looking forward to seeing the dvd very much.

  17. richardkcarlton says:

    It was real and documented. Not sure about a diary, but I am from St.Louis and it is known well that the final stages of the exorcism were conducted at Alexian Brothers Hospital. It started in Maryland and the Lutheran family was told to go to the Catholics. As for the person who said our modern concepts of the Satan and Hell are from Dante and not scripture, is just plain wrong. Jesus was the one who spoke of the lake of fire and spoke quite clearly about the devil. I hope to see this soon.

  18. CODYSJERNT says:

    when does this come out? u.s

  19. MrBigjuarez says:

    What the hell is this??? Good for you. ou read the Diar of Exorcist!!!

  20. cheks900 says:

    YES!!! another gem from the booth bros. love it

  21. SPOOKEDTV says:

    @MadHobbit ;The Maryland house is where the possession started, the house where we filmed is where most of the possession and exorcism happened when the boy stayed in St. Louis before being put into the hospital.

  22. MadHobbit says:

    its be proven with a shudder of a doubt that the boys house was at 3807 40th Avenue, Cottage City, Maryland. Google street view shows the house to be completely different to the house you investigated. Its a shame the house was not the real house, but the DVD was entertaining never the less.

  23. insertclevernickname says:

    If theres evil thers good, if theres a hell then theres a heaven. IF the devil exists so does G-D.

  24. ConscienciaEterea says:

    Nice entertainment. It’s in no way real, since modern-day notions of the devil and hell are not canonical with biblical writings, and instead spawned from thing like Dante’s Inferno (the concept of punishment in hell depending on your sins in life and that Satan rules hell, they’re all from Inferno and similar fictional writings).
    The notion that fiction from the Middle Ages are now taken as fact is the real scary part. In 500 years, vampires will be considered real and very twilight-y rofl.

  25. XXcruedandtattooedXX says:

    @lilupixie I was at the premiere where the Booth Brothers were for the movie. It was mentioned in the movie how they got to see it, but I think the way the story went is that someone was allowed to study it, and he let them see it. I might be slightly wrong with that, but they didn’t ‘find it’. It was a great documentary.

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