The Day After Roswell – History Channel part 1

Part 1 of the History Channel documentary about Roswell. Part 2:


  1. STPMeeboo says:

    This man is massively credible, he’s telling the truth. Any1 that has read his book knows the details of how he dispersed these technologies to corporations that were working on these technologies already. Friedman’s debunking of Corso has been majorly debunked and so has his debunking of Lazar. Both these men have been proven credible. Check out Sparkster at Hubpages.

  2. xxlogandxx1 says:

    @123anstin322 Those were recreational, dumbass. Why would he carry a camera on a military base and take a picture? Think a little bit.

  3. TheMenH01 says:

    because they arent the real bodys they didint take a picture of it i wouldnt

  4. MrChristo93 says:

    @BLACKPUSSYPUNISHER Well according to Corso he met with Robert Kennedy in May of 1962 and urged him to tell his brother to build a moon base. He then claims that a short while later that JFK announced the Apollo Program. Well guess what, JFK had already announced the Apollo Program a year earlier. Corso is either lying or confused.


    @MrChristo93-PLEASE LISTEN BEFORE YOU POST A COMMENT. Col. Corso never said “he created fiber optics” he stated that he found some on the crashed craft and the light was able to turn a corner. It was because of the “cladding rap” that allowed the light to turn the corner. Yes we had fiber optics but it was not commercially feasible because we ‘humans” had yet to discover how to make light (bend) so to speak. Please watch the full video or read his book before ANYONE post another foolish comment

  6. MrChristo93 says:

    @BLACKPUSSYPUNISHER He’s lying. Fiber optics was invented in 1930 by Heinrich Lamm. Roswell happened in 1947.


    @MrChristo93-Can you listen to his WHOLE STORY on Coast to Coast AM. Its too big for me to explain, listen to his whole story then tell me he is a liar.

  8. MrChristo93 says:

    @BLACKPUSSYPUNISHER Because by then most people who could have contradicted his story were dead.

  9. 123anstin322 says:

    alien bodies looks plastic…..

  10. TheKillerPear says:

    who says that aliens have to look like people?


    @dsaswq-He just wanted attention? Riches….Fame…..O.K. then why did he wait unit he was almost 90 years old to do this. Why not do this 50 years before, when he could enjoy it. He died (1) year after the book came out. This man had more metals than a steel factory. I don’t want to insult you but something tells me that you have done ZERO RESEARCH into this subject and you are just talking out of ignorance. Trying to be (cool)….

  12. kingmanted says:

    @dsaswq I haven’t read his book,but to be honest man,its just entertainment lol.

  13. dsaswq says:

    he just wanted attention, maybe some money from his book. Comon, there is so many mistakes: best alien technology is bullet proof vest, inetgrated circuits, fiber optics and lasers? sure, thanks to aliens we have light shows and disco lights…And they have alien bodys in wooden crate? Sure…

  14. Paddyllfixit says:

    If u do ur research and join the dots u will discover that this is for real. The US military and aerospace industry even have a term for downed ET craft, AVC’s Alien Visitation Craft. For starters, research Sgt Clifford Stone or Col Steve Wilson of Project Pounce, or check out here on YT, “Secret. Evidence we are not alone” or “James Fox I Know what I saw”, in order to make an informed decision.

  15. deadlysin79 says:

    …A few good men took the real truth with them into the grave…!

  16. HueyTheDoctor87 says:

    Corso didn’t make ANY money off the book you idiot and he was in his 80’s when he wrote it. I swear, most humans are SO stupid. We almost aren’t worth saving. Yes, there are aliens on Earth. They were actually here before we were, making us the ‘visitors’.

  17. benizzz says:

    cant belive it untill there is proof this guy made millions from hes book that could of been 100% bullshit..

  18. arobekie says:

    Had a flying saucer crashed the debris would be scattered for hundreds of yards,You would still find tiny pieces of this craft lying about,But yet no one has ever found anything to back up the claim,And im sure the military did not do a thorough clean up,Which would be nigh on impossible,As for corso having nothing to gain,He ws Just doing his patriotic duty untill his death,To make the world think the USA now have a flying saucer that the pilots in WW2 reported seeing.

  19. Misstorys says:

    @arobekie Corso had nothing to gain in this . he speaks the truth. and secondly you dont know what goes on the mind of an alien so you dont know if they would rescued so thats not an argument at all. ”It was a crash but not a saucer ” yea right what was it then wheather baloon, Mogul, etc ? where did I heard that before ? Not read the day after Roswell did you ? but believe what you will..

  20. arobekie says:

    @Misstorys Yes it was a crash,But not a flying saucer,Like i said,These people like corso are just keeping the disinformation story going.There is a lot of talk but no physical evidence,I do know that we are being visited by ETs without a shadow of a doubt,If a flying saucer did crash on earth i am sure that they would be rescued by their own people.

  21. Misstorys says:

    @arobekie No it was a crash. havent you heard Corso speak about it ?

  22. crunchies14 says:

    @gkcnae look at it this way, if we exist whosto say its not possible for there the b other inteligent life out there. our technology is no limited we can’t get much further then our owngalaxy… Fact is, its possible…

  23. gkcnae says:

    at :26 the guy said…is UFO (Unidentify Flying Object) real and the answer is yes…LOL

    of course they are real!…lol

  24. kristianheidi says:

    God bless, Lieutenant Colonel Phillip J. Corso

  25. polysemousncrk says:

    Energy sources without the need for fuel or energy input exist ,But the coverup is very strong,Get a motor that works with the power of magnets only at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Start the revolution!

  26. Fact is nearly ALL the people who were involved in the Roswell incident have testified to the fact that it was a spacecraft of unkown origin and that alien bodies were recovered. NONE of the people who were involved in the Roswell incident, and I repeat NONE OF THEM, have testified that it was indeed a weather balloon even now over sixty years later.

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