The Best UFO Cases Ever Caught On Tape 2/5.mp4

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  1. MrJTS1986 says:

    I Believe All These Peoples Did Catch UFOs On Tape,
    ‘Cause I Saw One Myself!!!!

  2. soulweaponry says:

    @mambajam Not when it can easily be faked

  3. mambajam says:

    guess what video evidence just won’t fly with the sceptics

  4. Darkernorakeln says:

    @XtremeDance10 Yeah so Nuke europe, that will solve it 😀 and yeah I’m defenetly agains you amercian pig, i will tell the bad aliens where you live 😀

  5. XtremeDance10 says:

    Russia Made UFO’s Germany china japan and the rest of the morons that are planning this first contact, and their going to be professional actors with interesting super suits made and they are going to brainwash us and manipulate us to think their on our side, but in all reality we have good & bad, so their will come to pass that both good and bad aliens will come and we are going to have some serious issues cause Europe is never to be trusted they are our enemies

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