The Best UFO Cases Ever Caught On Tape( 1/5).mp4

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  1. MrJTS1986 says:

    I Love This Show It’s One Of My Favorites,
    I Used To Watch This On TV, ‘Cause Directv Shut Off Our Satellite Box!!!!!

  2. eric88ization says:

    The american sports moron will be the last to know.

  3. yowzephyr says:

    These images are fun as puzzles. But I’m sorry, they are too weak to be compelling. They can be balloons set up with motors and facades to hoax people. They can be this, they can be that. We want definitive ETVs tho, right?
    UFOs are getting old. We want ETVs that aren’t shy and cute and small and fuzzy and distant. We want solid kick ass reality!

    Type “UFO Haiti” into You Tube to see what ETV footage should look like. Yes, it’s fake. But it’s a good reminder of what is really, truly needed.

  4. BrambleHeart000 says:

    You see how little people commented or even watched this? It’s not just because this is a recent video, they don’t want to believe this is possible, or they don’t have a way to explain around this kind of proof.
    I’m surprised no one’s trying to invent similar craft out of sheer jealousy, or awe, of how incredible these ones are. Doesn’t anyone want this kind of technology enough to try it for themselves?

  5. AXOhm says:

    @DominicanSexiii23 …check out my latest vid…ufo broad day light….

  6. DominicanSexiii23 says:


  7. PassingSquall says:


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