The Best of NASA UFO Sightings

The Best of NASA UFO Sightings! Real or Fake?
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  1. Mo0bius says:

    @ainz12 It’s the hole over the North Pole which occurs every year. It’s supposed to be an entrance to earth/the centre of out planet. If you believe in hollow earth it makes sense, otherwise it’s just weather.

  2. thesoul08 says:

    Interesting, Alien life is there, its just a matter of if they want to show themselves too us, or the goverments of the world are keeping the truth from us. I would say that aliens could be visiting our planet, for what, i dont know, but at the same, if they are willing to show themselves in broad daylight, who knows, maybe they are just trying to get our attention and waiting to see what we do. Ya know, studying us and all.

  3. akuma379 says:

    What is that last clip? Where did you acquire it?

  4. mattinuyasha22 says:

    what is that at 8:00 and where?

  5. cbyrd811 says:

    we ar not alone!

  6. domtube241 says:

    what is the song called?

  7. WayofDaGun says:

    Nothingness became Aware. This Infinate Awareness seperated itself into trillions upon trillions of units and decended into its Creation of Dimensions in exploration of self. All Beings are One, and what is cruedly called “God” is One Infinity of Beingness of which we are all a Spark off of. We are all One Being. Experiencing the Illusions of myself. “You” is an illusion, as I actually AM “you” experiencing the illusion of me.
    A Eternal Playground, Loveing or Hateing only Myself.

  8. DonalUiNeill says:

    @626SupremeLogic obviously theres unidentified flying objects. no1 doubts that. people merely doubt wether or not they are of extraterestrial significance. i.e if they are, why not come down and say hello? or just wipe us out? if they are advanced enough to fly around space they would clearly know we are here so why not make contact?

  9. ainz12 says:

    what is that supposed to be @ 8:00 onwards??

  10. giantchickenman says:

    or not lol kinda creepy

  11. giantchickenman says:

    isn’t 3:28 just a nasa space craft or comet??

  12. 626SupremeLogic says:

    to say there is no UFO’s in space is to say theres no fish in the sea…..period..point..blank

  13. Xzibit4you2see says:

    @byronrush1 Now that i think about it… I agree.. lol

  14. byronrush1 says:

    Hate this music.

  15. andrewdg2006 says:

    @gordddyle lol

  16. gordddyle says:

    that 1 person that dislikebetter be a fucken alien

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