The Best NASA UFO Sightings

The most credible UFO sightings from NASA footage. Images from the Space Shuttle showing alien craft using controlled flight and propulsion. Alien craft take right turns, launch into space from Earth’s atmosphere and create geometric formations behind the Shuttle. There is also footage of wormholes, ejecting spiral spores onto the planet, shot in multiple locations around the world.
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  1. krackenzap says:

    @Roboticz300 clubbed to death – Matrix soundtrack 😀

  2. krackenzap says:

    @krackenjack clubbed to death – Matrix soundtrack 😀

  3. berylbill says:

    Notice the laser beam fired out of the sky at 6:29

  4. WayneftBatman says:

    [comment removed by the government]

  5. TheGabriel997 says:

    the spiral might actually be a wormhole, if it is einstein was right nd his theory of relativity is correct

  6. inorbit30 says:

    The track is Clubbed to Death, Rob Dougan

  7. hokagearceus says:

    That shit bananas

  8. Jonathanbl35 says:

    Yeah it a DARPA HTV 2 weapon delivery system that the US has been developing. It can hit a target anywhere in the world in an hour. Their have been sightings of this all around the world. It seems that they have been testing it for around 2 years. It travels at 13000 miles an hour. Its some pretty cool technology.

  9. knownhuman1 says:

    @NinetiesYouth Some people will never wake up from there sleep. Sheep and cattle invest youtube!!!

  10. roxyBAMF says:

    so that they can then teach us.

  11. roxyBAMF says:

    what people need to understand is that these aliens are so advanced that they would be past violence and war, we have only made it to the moon and we still have war and hate. that is why aliens do crop circles so we believe in them so that when they come to visit governments wont start shooting but communicate with them to gain higher understanding of the universe, because really they could destroy our whole planet if they wanted, but really they are keeping tabs and waiting for us to grow up

  12. EarendilTheBlessed says:

    Last clip seems like a soup in a microwave. reste in just astronomy.

  13. Robby303 says:

    @Roboticz300 the song is called clubbed to death-rob dougan

  14. NyYankeesRthaBesT says:

    I once had a dream I was abducted by aliens and they performed test on me ona bed like they were doctors. I hope I get abducted by aliens for real but I hope they bring me back

  15. Lav25th1 says:

    @Roboticz300 Rob Dougan “clubbed to death”

  16. 1812Luckyluke says:

    i had an experince seeing a UFO it looked like a star moving and then it suddenly disappared

  17. iFutureWolfGang says:

    WTF was that; the ending clip?

  18. WanderLink says:

    Lol, how is CNN footage of a bird flying during 9/11 a UFO caught by NASA? That and the dumb Matrix music is enough to make me dislike.

  19. JuiceEverywhere says:

    i hope they can play minecraft…

  20. Skreemification says:


    “Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan

  21. mystic81006 says:

    And Gods messangers are still here with us today.

  22. AmyXRuby says:

    @Roboticz300 Or to any one who wants to know the name of the song, it’s called Matrix – Clubbed to death

  23. moolie666 says:

    song title is “Clubbed to death” by Rob Dougan

  24. yosoyelsupremo says:

    @Roboticz300 agree with linka4484 song “Clubbed to death” by Rob Dougan

  25. blizzard0000001 says:

    bull shit

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