Street View Trike at Stonehenge

VisitBritain and Google are excited to announce the winners of the online poll in which the British public voted for the first tourist attractions to be photographed by the Street View Trike. After receiving over 10000 suggestions for locations we opened the top 16 landmarks up for voting. Over 35000 votes were cast showing the British public’s passion for their local landmarks. The top 6 most voted for locations, plus a special ‘wildcard’ location, will get a visit from the trike over the summer and the images it collects will later appear in Street View on Google Maps (fingers crossed for good cycling weather).
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  1. akifakmal27 says:

    penat orang tu mengayuh basikal

  2. dldr21 says:

    Ca doit faire les molets!

  3. Guhrish says:

    Wtf is the helmet for?! He’s going 3 mph! If one of those stones fell on him, the helmet wouldn’t help. Several tons of stone falling on you = pancake..

  4. JackyRowe says:

    @9malls Well that’s health and safety for you!

  5. gotitallat says:

    does he sell ice cream?

  6. NewEye2World says:

    I like it. It might be exciting for you to go different places in different countries and grab the maps, put together ..Wao

  7. egrard1024 says:

    The helmet is kinda gay. But probably as soon as he took off the helmet he would accidently fall over and brake his face on the stones.

  8. 15bbridges says:

    That guy must hate his life.. I dont blame him.

  9. cheltun88 says:

    The bike was made by Main Street Pedicabs

  10. iphoneguruhacker66 says:

    i’m trying to get to ride one of those

  11. sirtechy says:

    Hey, Any1 know what brand of bike that is? I want one..

  12. GrimTheCrow says:

    Watch out so you dont fall over while riding your trike at that speed.

  13. dl432112311 says:

    ugh, i’d hate that job… I wonder if the cameraman that is recording the biker is in the picture

  14. Turbo617 says:

    Don’t fall off your bike at that speed, you might crack your head open on the GRASS!

  15. alexjbyou says:

    I always thought that “street view” implied that there was a street….

  16. TonyAirlines says:

    You should run alongside it so you’re in all the shots.

  17. tom1984uk says:

    Stupid american.

  18. lesmonmouth says:

    It’s nice to see how Google create their street view images.
    I spotted a Google street view car in Monmouth (South Wales) on Monday 21st September 2009 :)

  19. majohnson87 says:

    nice helmet, fag

  20. MrYouvebeenspammed says:

    you guys should check out the real trike

    watch “TRIKE – Let’s Jog” it’s BRILLIANT!!!!!!!


  21. TheEmmausRoad says:

    Yes. Look, I know those monoliths have been standing a long time, but what if one fell on him while he was riding? Thus the helmet.

    Seems obvious to me!!!

    No, this post was not meant to be taken seriously :)

  22. GRIDKEEPER says:

    lol, was thinking the same thing.

  23. hrford says:

    Peddle … Peddle … Peddle … Peddle … Peddle … Oh hai, I’m still at the same place :)

  24. TwoPintsTelevision says:

    That must be painful riding up a hill with that!

  25. hottsnapper says:

    great vid….

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