Spinal Tap Tiny Stonehenge

One of the funniest scenes from the movie Spinal Tap.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. slimey2 says:

    “And oh how they danced. The li’l children of Stone ‘enge”

    I actually know some people from Squatney (where Nigel Tufnel grew up) and they really do speak like that.

  2. UnderEternalSkies says:

    Can I raise a practical question at this point?

  3. StreetoffXAF says:

    @rayjay2789 I would love to have something like that hheheh 😛

  4. rayjay2789 says:

    @StreetoffXAF so much love for Andy…and i agree with Dean, his van was pretty sweet XD

  5. KrazyKKid says:

    spinal tap ftw

  6. 01020498 says:

    @zionravescene we don’t fucking care.

  7. 01020498 says:

    @RettButt really?…… REALLY !!!!?

  8. Snarlarita says:

    So iconic. How metal bands wrote anthems all about things they didn’t actually understand. Also why I never draw anything on a napkin. Ever.

  9. CoryTube2011 says:

    “It’s not your job to be as confused as Nigel, is it?”

  10. FamousHexs says:

    “I think you’re making a big thing out of it.” ” Making a big thing out of it would’ve been a good idea.” PWNED!

  11. Eagle3396 says:

    I am not going to co-manage the band with some woman especially one that looks like an Australian’s nightmare. lol XD

  12. tonellojohn says:

    @blondeladygaga 15 people can’t haven’t gone up to 11.

  13. DvDPlaya says:

    4:10 little fantasy adolenscent world. LOOK AT THAT TV LOL

  14. DvDPlaya says:

    Stone enge dwarfs

  15. tigduh09 says:

    Just hilarious!

  16. zikilovesgenesis says:

    Every time I see this I can’t help but crack up.

  17. hoh8511no says:


  18. NickR1980 says:

    in danger of being crushed by a DWARF! HAHAHAHA!

  19. kevw73 says:

    ‘Comedy genius’ sometimes gets used too freely, but not in this case.

  20. StreetoffXAF says:

    Barbarian Queen Riding on Polar Bear !!!

  21. greyfox37 says:


  22. jiltedkiller says:

    2:28 may be the most hilarious of anything I have ever seen

  23. I4gotmyMANTRA says:

    “No one knows… who they were. Or… what they were doing.”
    LMAO Gets me every time.

  24. jthornton17 says:

    where the dew drops cry and the cats meow. The greatest line in any song.

  25. UeberHilde says:

    @RettButt : if you have to ask, you’re not old enough…

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