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Catch an all NEW Solving History with Olly Steeds this Wednesday at 10pm E/P. For more Olly, check out: Olly investigates the theory that Aliens created the Nazca Lines in the Peruvian Desert.


  1. NiclasTimle89 says:

    why are he saying that everyone is stuped to belive that aliens has to do with nasca? I don’t know what to belive , aliens or not. The program leader is just a jurk. America belives in a god :P. And there is a man watching over everyone. Belive what u want, u can’t trust enyone this days. that to bad =(

  2. tributeforlife says:

    @razorfett147 I don’t think you understand how large religion was back in these times. Religion to these people was their life. If someone said god wishes for you to die. Then they would gladly die. If doing these giant designs was for religious purposes it just goes to prove how large their religion was.

  3. razorfett147 says:

    And it still raises the question of how these Nazcan’s were able to flatten off the top of an entire section of mountain. And why go through all that trouble just to lay down some more giant designs for “religious” purposes? If they did, in fact, do just that for that purpose, I’d say it makes them very resourceful…and stupid at the same time.

  4. razorfett147 says:

    Agreed. The how is not the issue here. It’s the why. I’m sure these ancient Nazcan’s were more than capable of laying down these designs. But what would have been the point? And assuming these people thousands of years ago had technology as magical as ours today is equally as far fetched as believing they may have had contact with beings not of our world. In the end it comes down to one’s own personal theological preferences, I guess.

  5. sfh99 says:

    i think it may be either aliens draw it or made it for their convenience or may be aliens draw the figures to made a mark that this land has spiders, monkeys, apes, humans etc. As far as the runways, what make us think that aliens had same aircrafts like humans of today that need a runway to land on earth?.The UFO aircraft which we saw or assume, are nowhere look like airplanes. Their structure displays that there is no need of runway to land for them.

  6. BadIdeaBearCub says:

    This guy (the presenter ) is a buffoon. The presentation is partial, the show cut the most interesting designs, and how they did it is not as important as why they did it. The explanation on other videos for the straight lines, that they were roads to extinct rivers, seem plausible, but doesn’t explain the animal figures. The big mystery is why did they draw a Giant Spider that nobody could see. Maybe they had balloons?

  7. andriod84 says:

    so why would the protoss even want to come here in the first place?

  8. LoonShia says:

    The least plausible argument is not that the Nazcans were not intelligent enough to make the lines. The least plausible argument is assuming that advanced alien starships, capable of travelling really far in a very short time, need runways.

  9. tlonborgiano says:

    UFO 2011 The BEST UFO Evidence EVER captured on video January 2011

  10. iJoodoe says:

    Why do these guys think that we are now the smartest. Why can’t the ancient people were just as intelligent or even more and they were able to accomplish such tasks. All these speculations are worthless. It’s 50/50. Since we have absolutely nothing to support the facts, therefore they were done by the ancient civilizations. If we put a bunch of photos and James Brown’s Johnny Be good in space for whatever reason, why in the fuck the ancient people can’t do the same.

  11. Yumega200 says:

    How the hell can someone create something like the spider shape with so much percision with out being able to look from the sky.

  12. faron27 says:

    they are made to be viewed from above that is the only answer! aliens did not create them the Nazca did why? who knows but they look better from the sky and considering planes are not from the same time period as the lines why and who?

  13. rikuziyi says:

    @jedimastereric the aliens wouldnt of made them, the nazcas would of n they dont have “super technology” suprisingly.. :s

  14. rikuziyi says:

    hold on… wtf everyone say the aliens made it, all this rubbish saying aliens with all their technology came and made them. “Im glad that aliens from other planets that have all the technology to travel the stars need to make marks in the sand..”

    I hate clever dickheads who think they have the answer to everything.

  15. zambot3 says:

    Earth base One-they landed. engineered human slaves for hard labor. then left.Humans are left behind going WTF?Humans go on with no real knowledge , but with high technology to make i-phones. Aliens exist and the powerplants in their craft aren’t our caveman combustion engines. they control gravity my friend.

  16. 1RadicalOne says:

    I never did say aliens made the lines – I suggest you read all my comments so you have the true context – and a similar nature to a cargo cult is a very interesting and very plausible possibility.

  17. hablerz says:

    @Bad9ful I agree that Peruvians should be insulted that the pompous Olly visits from middle England and denegrates suppositions made by people who have actually bothered to study Anteluvian history.

    Totally agree with you.

  18. hablerz says:

    If Olly doensnt believe in alien life forms then he clearly has no intention of finding the ‘truth’.

  19. hablerz says:

    @jedimastereric Forget aliens for a minute and learn about cargo cults , it will change your perspective.

  20. hablerz says:

    @1RadicalOne No one said the aliens made the lines, the lines were made by the natives. The entire area has the look of a ‘cargo cult ‘, if you do not know what a cargo cult is then you probably should look it up.

  21. hessaad says:

    i think that the deniers need to investigate this toppic a more and check olso the origins of all the great ancient structers .

  22. joeprice010 says:

    this is bullshittt hahahah.

  23. proteoid says:

    If UFOs/alien technology was so advanced and they could take-off vertically from the ground – why the hell would they need a runway for their vehicles ???!!! haha !!

  24. pauldb707 says:

    excellent question. this whole idea that it is insulting to the native people that they could not create these things is ,I think, part of a smokescreen to deflect critical thought. then he uses the the easter bunny and santa claus analogy at the end of the piece to make laughable the idea that aliens may have done this. another piece of disinformation masquerading as investigative journalism.

  25. chrislpp says:

    have you ever seen indepedendce day there r aliens in it and that happened in the 90’s ever wonder why the white house had to be rebui9lt?? proof that aliens exist

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