Secrets of Stonehenge

Many secrets remain surrounding the creation of Stonehenge. Archaeologists try to unravel the mystery. Stonehenge Decoded : SUN JUNE 1 9P et/pt :


  1. vincegill2 says:

    The spiral rock carvings represent the spiral energy forms of the many underground streams which amplify the geo-magnetic and solar energy, especially during the Equinoxes. It is part of a large energy network of stone temples, obilisks and pyramids that span the globe, similar to our modern telecommunications system.

  2. sonofherne says:

    @prathammajmudar Sorry, wrong on many points. The smaller stones around the inside are the ones from furthest away. Up to 150miles. For the bigger stones you’re looking at up to 20 miles, as they are local. The same stones weight an average of 35tonns. The largest is 48tonns. There is evidence they used ropes made of bark extract and, contrary to opinion, they DID have the wheel at this time. Not taking anything away from the achievements of the Stone Age, but you have to put it into context.

  3. sonofherne says:

    @555gypsie God told you wrong, or, you’re listening to the wrong god. If you are in touch with God then surely he’ll be able to tell you provable, tangible facts that we can cooberate yes? Let’s see you go under examination. I quite realise by responding to your banal, attention seeking post I’m giving you exactly what you wanted. Someone to off load your crap onto. It’s right because you felt it right? Everyone is wrong. You’re the truth in an ignorant universe… Keep taking the pills.

  4. 555gypsie says:

    This is the funny irony the people of that time wanted to warn people and future generations not to come to this land and in fact opposite, millions flock to this Stonehenge

  5. 555gypsie says:

    God revealed the truth about this Mystery to me in a Dream .The pagan people of that time were superstitious on another level they had a stick with different textures on it which someone chosen would use touching each section closing there eyes and going through a full range of emotions to test if a land was good to build on this particular land was deemed cursed and failed the test completely and they wanted to put a barrier around this land similar to what police do when there is a crime

  6. prathammajmudar says:

    1250 years to make it, stones from 250 miles away, weighing 50 tons, no evidence of rope made during that period truly a masterpiece.

  7. prathammajmudar says:

    @jerbarsim What a douchbag!

  8. SmokeCheck4 says:

    check out Coral Castle one guys built this place in secret

  9. gianlucahwd says:

    ma vaffanculooo co ste cazzateee

  10. tonytrailmixx says:

    UFO’ s I tells ya!!!!

  11. jssemi says:

    One man in MIchigan is able to move one of those massive stones by himself with tools and structures made from wood. the video is here if you want to watch it.


  12. rofltroll9000 says:

    @sonofherne shut up mexikan no one loves you

  13. LBViideos says:

    These Guys are slackers compared to the Egyptians building the pyramids, British builders for ya


    the people who built it probably have the most advanced sense of humor and built it just to confuse the human race today for eternity

  15. jjfj22 says:

    omg!… i think angry birds are real!.. hahhaha,, just kidding!..

  16. robotswilltakeover says:

    @AONgamersweb then please explain because im not exactly sure what your trying to say?

  17. mrdelerious2009 says:

    i really dont think humans built this, alltho it looks more possible than theory of how they built the pyramids which is complete crap!

  18. helslayer11 says:

    epecialy you! 
    Who the hell do you think was so masterminded doctor brainiac thousands of years ago to build it?!? Believe me, our ancestors were smarter than you think:
    The aztecs made an incredible feat for there time period by making calenders and the most accurate predictions, they invented the number zero for Christ’s sake!!

  19. helslayer11 says:

    Im just laughing at some of you dumbasses so hard cause most of you are wrong! 

  20. AONgamersweb says:

    @robotswilltakeover not regular humans like you and me did.

  21. AONgamersweb says:

    what an stupid documentary. They showing a type of Homo Sapiens building the Stonehenge when actually was made by Master Humans, which are those who developed a more psychic energy.

  22. robotswilltakeover says:

    @Parkerman5000 if you dont think humans built it then your silly. dont tell me you think aliens did?

  23. HarmKnight says:

    @Parkerman5000 then who built it?

  24. GHOSTTOYS says:

    @IntrepidMoocher you want a better explanation hehe ill give you one … it was a test site for some magnetic device .. just look ate the water surounding it diamagnetic matterial … and the stone it self are magnetise .. look for nazi bell on youtube you will get the relation hehe

  25. eatyourbains says:

    The stonehenge was built by humans during the time of 9000bc, humans that time were huge and tall.

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